Tip off to APGA crumbles scheming plans between PDP and INEC

Information reaching IMO STATE BLOG confirmed that INEC   discretely entered an agreement with PDP to hold Elections in the deciding Polling areas this morning. There was no communication with the Owelle Rochas Okorocha Campaign (APGA) prior to making the decision.

Acting on a  tip off, the Okorocha Camp quickly reacted. As the incumbent Gov. Ikedi Ohakim  struggles to win his way back to the State house, all does not look well for the PDP Party.

It will be recalled that yesterday, over 4ooo youths trooped to the INEC headquaters in Owerri awaiting the result of the election.   It appears the citizens have made their sentiments towards the Ohakim Administration pronounced. Your Excellency sir, why govern people who resent you? I don’t know about you, Sir but I cant imagine sleeping with one eye open for the next four years. Mba ooo!


I dont know why “Ikiri” (Gov.Ikedi Ohakim) wants to govern people that have showed by every means possibe that they don’t want him….ha hapu zie nu?”_Anonymous.

“Rochas is leading and ohakim is trying to be funny with the power of incumbency. I told you we HATE that ohakim, he is so ungrateful even to God that brought him to limelight.”_Anonymous

“President Jonathan should not turn a blind eye to Imo State. Just as we gave you a chance to serve, Rochas deserves a chance to serve Imo State. Power must change hands. “_Anonymous

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