Burial Arrangements for the Anyene Family (DANA crash victims)

The family of the late Benjamin Ferguson Chukwuka Anyene of Ndiowu in Orumba North Local Government Area of Anambra State, will bury  six members of their immediate family on July 13th, 2012.  The funeral service will take place at the Anglican Church, Ndiowu.


The six caskets will contain the remains of 1. Barrister Onyeka Anyene (44yrs) 2. Mrs. Maimuna’s Anyene (33yrs) 3. Master Kamsiyonna Anyene (3yrs) 4. Miss Kamtochi Anyene (2yrs). 5. Miss Kaimarachi Anyene (2yrs), 6. Master Noah Kobi Anyene (5mths).


Other members of the extended family include Alhaja Berikisu Mijindadi (Maimuna’s mother). She hailed from Emii in Imo State.

Also to be buried are Miss Ogechi Njoku (16yrs) and Miss Oluchi Onyeri (24yrs). They were nieces of Alhaja Berkisu (daughters of her brother and sister respectively).

The information above was made available by Mazi Uche Ezechuwku.  In a phone call with Mazi Ezechukwu, he disclosed to SouthEastNigeria.com that the burial programme will be a week-long event.  More details to follow.


Source: SouthEastNigeria.com



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