Former first lady, Chioma Ohakim forced to surrender Multi Million naira building to Imo State Government.

The immediate past First Lady of Imo State, Barr. Chioma Ohakim is appealing to anyone who has an ear to tell Governor Okorocha to release her confiscated building. According to the individual from the Ohakim camp who reached out to us pleading   anonymity , the building is a multi-million naira ultra modern five-story Secretariat cum Conference Centre which Mrs. Chioma Ohakim built with her “private funds” for her NGO, Empowerment of Women and Youth Initiative (EWAYI). According to our source,

“They are claiming that it was funded with Imo State money so it belongs to the state. It was a private  venture by Mrs. Chioma Ohakim and had absolutely nothing to do with the Imo State Government but they have confiscated it.”

IMO STATE BLOG reached out to the Government House to hear their side of the story. We confirmed that the building had indeed been  confiscated. The Government official who at our discretion will not be named, challenged Chief Ikedi Ohakim and Wife to provide evidence that they built the building with personal funds.

  Can those sources provide evidence that it was her private funds? And how did she make the money?  We all know they stole the State blind.  Ohakim used to live in a “face me, I face you” in Lagos. Four years later,  he is one of the richest boys in Naija. Make Madam no let us open her nyash ooo.


“Ohakim had no funds to campaign and ran only one radio jingle while staying in the cheapest room at Concord Hotel payed for by former Abia Governor, Orji Uzo Kalu. All this was after his 419 schemes collapsed. Or do we need to remind Madam that she did not share the executive bedroom while Oga was “Lord and Master ” of Imo resulting in physical combat before aides and security personnel?

As God will have it , the network went bad and we lost connection.  Who knows the next bombshell that was to follow?

In any case, before our call was rudely interrupted, the government official disclosed that the said building will be used to run the Imo Foundation, a  Non Governmental Organization   to cater for the less privileged in the State.

That may not be a bad idea  however,   if the property being confiscated was built with Mrs.Ohakim’s personal funds, then we have an issue.  Nna anyi ukwu Rochas should remember the bible scripture in Luke chapter 6 vs 31, ” Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you”.  Tomorrow, the tables may turn.



  On the other hand,  she who must come into equity must come with clean hands. We were also reliably informed that this matter has reached the ears of Dame Patience Jonathan who has called Governor Okorocha to discuss this issue.  There is no reason to be washing our dirty laundry outside Imo. It might interest the general public to know that the  land this building was erected on has a K-leg story surrounding it. Is the land owned by Mrs.Ohakim? Was the land originally allotted to her in the first place?  These are some of the questions we might want to look into.

Why then are we bringing Mummy Patience into this matter if we know we are not ready to answer these questions?

Instead of going around complaining, we would like to use this medium to ask Nda Chioma  to provide documents to prove her case showing that the property in question  was built with her personal funds on a land she legally owns. It is a very simple issue that can be resolved. Until then….

Udo diri unu. We rest our pen.



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