CITIZENS’ REPORT: Umukabia, Ehime Mbano- no road, no electricity, no water, no health center.

Please people of Imo state & Nigeria at large. My question this morning is that , “what did the people of Umukabia in Ehime mbano local government area of Imo state did that warrant the government to denying them the right of living ?

No road to enter this village, no electricity , no pump drinking water , no good school , no health center , no good service of any network & etc.


The former INEC chairman M . Iwu come from this village , former Imo SSG also comes from this village , we have senators & local government chairman. This village Umukabia is the number 1 food basket of Imo state. The people suffer before they carry out their products to the market . We are paying our tax and obeying government laws. We voted government in power into state and then no body cares for us.

Please FGN and Imo state government help us we want to enjoying life like others. We are not a cast away child and we cannot be please .




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