DISCUSSION BOARD: Are we derailing from the main goal of the National conference?

 An Opinion from Ezeala Adolphus via IMO STATE BLOG

I think we are are derailing from the main goal of the national conference. What I think we should be focused on is development of the nation as a whole. Not wording about our personal problems.

I think that for the conference to make a major impact on the life of every Nigerian, we should be thinking how Nigeria will develop in every sector. And that involves discussion on whether we should continue running the nation the way we do. The whole nation depending on oil. I think that for Nigeria to develop we should let every state manage the resources they have and and from the proceed they derive develop the state.

If we do this states without oil, we be forced to use the resources they have, and by so doing develop that aspect as well, and this will help in curbing the problem we have in the electoral process, where everybody wants to be the president because he controls all the nation resources.
We will also have helped to solve the issue of some part of Nigeria saying they have been marginalized because every state will be in charge of developing herself.

The pressure on the federal government from different aspects of our development would be shared then by the 36states of the country, thereby making it faster for us to develop. We could be a better UNITED STATES OF NIGERIA than the FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA which we have been trying for a long time now. In my opinion.

Nigeria on a daily basis keep on focusing on political issues. Since before last election we have been discussing on 2015 election, if Goodluck Jonathan will be contesting, we forgot that three years have gone by, we never look at the development of the nation, all we care about is who controls the nation resources. I think that if states are to control and manage their individual resources, we won’t be having these issue.

The federal government can be a oversight office, monitoring the activities of all the states and controlling federal agencies like the INEC and the military together with other sensitive agencies. I think we should focus on the main points during the national conference. Like way forward for our development.

What is your own opinion about this?



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