EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Comedian, Uche Ogbuagu speaks on Political Appointment in Imo State

Ace Comedian, Uche Ogbuagu was recently appointed as Special Assistant to Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha. His Portfolio as Special AssistantChief Comedian set the ball rolling for the criticism towards the State Government. Many questioned the discretion of His Excellency on the portfolio’s created.

In this Interview with Award winning Celebrity Publicist and renowned Political Blogger Joi John, Mr. Ogbuagu speaks with IMO STATE BLOG. He sheds light on his Portfolio and projects envisioned for the State.


Q: Your appointment as Special Assistant in the State came under scruitiny with the Portfolio as Chief Comedian in the State. Could you enlighten us on your Office as Chief Comedian of the State?

A:As you know, the Entertainment industry cannot do without Comedy so, I see myself as the only representative of the Entertainers in the State Executive council. The office of the Chief Comedian is a representation of the Entertainment industry in the State Executive Council.

In this position, I am saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that the Entertainment Industry in Imo state is revived. That particular area has been dead for quite a long time. We are doing our best to to bring in Private investors from within and outside the Country to see ways we could take Entertainment in the State to the next level.

Q:What are some of the notable highlights of your First week in office?

A:I started off with a tour of the State Capital to ascertain the true situation of things. I visited a number of Entertainment places owned by the State Government. Recently, I inspected the AMA J . K recreation Park and was saddened by the condition of the place. It is almost in shambles. I started out with AMA J K recreation Park because it is at the center of the State Capital and has potentials to generate income for the State.

Q:Could you give an insight to some of the Projects you envision to achieve in reviving the Entertainment Sector?

A:To start, we are going to build Comedy Corners around the State capital. I have also had talks with some Private investors towards the  project for an Amusement park.

I am also proposing a name Change. This is a Rescue Mission and when you want to be rescued, you must be ready to be renamed. In fulfilling the plans I have for the Entertainment sector, I wouldnt want to depend on funds from the State Government. That has been my promise from day one.

Apart from AMA J.K recreation park , I observed that there was also another piece of land that the former Government intended to build a Park on . We will take over from where they left off and build a  Park specifically for the Kids because that has been a gap in the Entertainment industry in the State.  The kids do not have a play spot. You find that on Weekends, parents would take their Children to neighbouring States when we can create the same structures here. It is time for us to give the Children a sense of belonging. I want to go on record to state that the IMO AM– — USEMENT PARK is going to be the center of attraction for all  Children in the State and beyond and,  that would be one of the legacies I would be remembered for.

His Excellency has asked for me to draft a proposal and submit to him for his Perusal. That, I will do in less than 48 hours from now.

Q:What do you make of this opportunity to serve the State?

A:I am seeing this particular portfolio as the only opportunity I have in life to prove myself. Should there be any other opportunity, I wouldnt mind. I am not looking for anything higher than this but if it comes my way, Glory be to God.

With the confidence and trust reposed in me by the State Government, I dont have any reason to fail. I want to assure all the citizens home and abroad that , the Lost Glory of Imo State is about to be retrieved.

I can confidently state that the office of the Chief Comedian of the State and Special Assistant to the Governor is one that will be most successful. At the breifing we had on Sunday with the Chief of Staff, I reassured His Excellency who was also present that, in 90 days he will be marvelled at the progress in the State as far as Entertainment is concerned.

Q: On a personal note, I read you were born a Stammerer but it is almost impossible to believe that. Our interview has gone so smoothly and I havent heard you stammer through any question. How were you able to overcome that?

A: (Laughter) Well, I stammer only when I am tensed up and under pressure. Mostly when I am broke. When I no get money. That is where nature surprises me a whole lot. I stammer ordinarily but once I am on air . . . on the Microphone or I am performing, everything dies off so I believe I am a Microphone person and that is the reason why my stammering will always respect my business and my calling.

 Q: What are your final words to the Critics?

A:  Most people in different quarters look for ways to pull me down. They say Uche Ogbuagu is not learned; he cannot speak good English and so forth. . . but, that it is typical. Normally, nothing good comes easy. One cannot know the strength of the other unless he has been put to Test. As a result oriented person, the important thing for me is results and I believe confidently that I am going to succeed. I will prove every naysayer that has been against my appointment, wrong and whosoever has spoken bad about me will turn around to speak good of me.

Uche Ogbuagu hails from Akabo, Ikeduru Local Government Area.  He holds a First degree in Mass Communication. Prior to his Political Appointment with the Imo State Government, Ogbuagu was a popular Social Crusader.

His Entertainment outfit, Talkinsion International, Ogbuagu has been instrumental to the empowerment of  Youths from the Igbo descent.  Having spent 26 years in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry, he remains one of the Celebrated Comedians of our time. Speaking on the highlights of his  Career, Ogbuagu jokes that he has toured all over the world from the United States to China with the exception of Heaven  and quickly adds that he is not in a hurry to go there. LOL!

Mr.Ogbuagu has proven that he has a clear understanding of what his job entails and agenda for the State in the area of Entertainment. As he joins the State Executive Council, IMO STATE BLOG wishes him success in all he sets out to accomplish.

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