EXCLUSIVE: Deputy Senate President, Sen. Ike Ekweremadu speaks with IMO STATE BLOG. Sets the record straight on alleged "Prostitution Bill"

Over the past few weeks, Deputy Senate President, Sen.Ike Ekweremadu has been widely criticized following a statement attributed to him on the legalization of Prostitution in Nigeria.

In an Exclusive phone interview with IMO STATE BLOG, the distinguished Senator regretted that his words were taken out of context.  As a Knight of the Church, he considers Prostitution immoral and stands vehemently against it.

Senator Ekweremadu acknowledged that Nigeria’s democratic dispensation gave people the freedom to air their opinion on issues. However, he urged the Media to cross check their facts before disseminating information to the public.

Senator Ekweremadu is one of the few Politicians in the Country who has been transparent from day one. He says it like it is and, calls a spade a spade!

Even the Senate President, Sen. David Mark admits that it would be  impossible to stop prostitution in the Country. According to Senator Mark, the Federal Government has faced stiff resistance in the war against Prostitution. Not only do the Prostitutes have their own Association, they also have their own Legal Adviser.  LOL!

HIA!!!! Inukwa nu Legal Adviser?   O chukwu nna!


On a serious note, let us be honest to ourselves and answer this question: If  the Nigerian chapter of Prostitutes are organized enough to form an “Association” and also have a Legal Adviser on their payroll… would it be wrong for the Federal Government to regulate this business for them by granting them  licences to work?

Umu nne  , if you do not have any reasonable contribution to this post, biko…. just read and move on to the next blog entry. Enough of the rude remarks directed at Senator Ekweremadu. Biko.

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