GOLDEN MOMENT: Crippled man confronts Governor Rochas Okorocha

 This past Thursday, a very emotional moment played out at the Multii-Purpose Hall . .

The Governor and Deputy, Sir Jude Agbaso had just left a meeting at the SSG’s office . Unknown to Gov. Okorocha,  he had a visitor who came determined to meet him despite all odds. Sitting comfortably in a strategic position,  waiting patiently as he hoped for his  GOLDEN opportunity.

That moment finally came…

 As the Governors entourage made their way across the premises of the Multi-Purpose, he mustered all the energy within  and wheeled himself towards the entourage.

On sighting the man, Gov.Okorocha’s Security aides tried to shove him away asking that he wheeled his way out the Governor’s path. The man refused to budge and helplessly called out to the Governor in a loud voice  – “Owelleeeeeeee”.

Left – Deputy Governor, Sir Jude Agbaso, Center “Red cap” – Gov. Okorocha. Security aide trying to prevent the man in the wheel chair from gaining access to the Governor.

To the surprise of the onlookers,  Governor Okorocha stopped in his tracks looking to see who had called his name. When he approached the man, he stretched out his hands and offered a Handshake

    After they shook hands,we heard the man ask the Governor ” Na so?” meaning ” is that how it is?”

In the short dialogue, he told the Governor that he needed work. He had made several attempts to meet the Governor but the aides at the Gate would not let him through.  As we can hear in the video, Governor Okorocha asked him what sort of work he was looking for, the man responded that he wanted any kind of job to put food on the table……

Through the eyes of our Governor, one could see empathy and pity as he looked at the man in his wheelchair.  His Excellency directed the man to IMO Foundation and asked him to complete a form. …

Meanwhile, while we were capturing this rare / wonderful moment, the bad belle  Security aides of the Governor harassed us at one point and threatened to destroy our Camera. That is what Journalists see in the hands of   overzealous  Security Bull dogs sorry, AIDES.

We experienced  difficulties uploading the VIDEO so we opted to PHOTO BLOG instead. As we all know, Pictures don’t lie.

Attacker #1  : See the mouth…..


Attacker #2  (White shirt)

This ITI BORI BO in the picture above was actually ready to pounce on us as he threatened to break our Camera. Thank God for Governor Okorocha who had to call him to order when he realized what was going on. …

Obviously embarrassed by the action that played out before his eyes, the long stare from the Governor towards the overzealous aide spoke a million words .

MEMO : Dear distinguished Otimkpu’s, no one is stopping you from discharging the duties of your otimkpuity work but, please be cautious and respectful. Harassment / Intimidation is not the answer. If you lack the basic communication skills, there is no shame in asking for Training.  Because….one day, una go do the one wey dem no send una and meet the wrong person.


Honourable Director of the State Security Security Service, please take note Sir maka adighi ama ama.

Someone needs to remind those reformed ” thugs in Suit” that Imo State is not Libya.  They are not guarding a “Gaddaffi”, but rather, a leader widely regarded as  “The People’s Governor” and they should prepare themselves to entertain such impromptu moments like this as the Governor moves around the State.

Not to digress….

 The story of this man could almost be likened to the story of Zacchaeus in the Bible. He prepared himself to meet the Governor despite his physical challenges. Even when he was harassed by the Security Aides, he did not give up. At the end, he  not only got the full attention of His Excellency but a GOLDEN HANDSHAKE right in the presence of those who almost pushed him away as thy tried to prevent him from gaining the Governor’s audience. What a beautiful story!

How many of our Politicians here in Nigeria can do this? Some of our ____________ wait till they are outside Nigeria before they bring out the humane side of them. Or,when they are aware that the likes of NTA & co are zoomed in on them. That is eye-service.  Little things like this are what matter.

 Our leaders should bring out the best in them at all times.

In the words of Hubert H. Humphrey, “…the moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; and those who are in the shadows of life, the sick, the needy and the handicapped.”

We thank God for giving us a Governor who is passionate about improving the lives of the less privileged. As he is saddled with the challenges of making IMO better, we pray for Gods wisdom to abide with him at all times.

God bless IMO, God bless Nigeria

Joi John

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