Gov.Okorocha may have good intentions but his policies towards realising them are wrong!

Its most unfortunate that some Imolites are still blindfolded hence, they can’t seebeyound their sitting room.

Why do we attack Col. Akobundu and the PDP, when Gov.Okorocha can’t just close his mouth and concentrate on his job?

I feel most of the critisms against Col. Akobundu are unjustified and uncalled for. Gov. Okorocha may have good intentions for the state but, his approaches or policies towards realising them are wrong.


For now, his only achievements visible in Education, is the free Education from JSS 3-SSS. Free education from Primary to Junior secondary has been in place before he took over from Ohakim. For his praise singers, what are your say on the IMSU relocation scam? The free tertiary Edu and loans and bursar unfulfilled promises?

We can only wait for the dry season before passing a mark on the roads projects, but for now, poor result is the answer.  For the sycophants who will not want to say the truth, what are those laudable projects completed? Is it the Hotels, the conference centers, heroes square or the renovation of the The Construction of gates? What are really those people oriented projects having completed by Rochas?

He has sold out or cocessioned all the state properties built and or sustained by his predecessors to his allies without building any, and yet we’re singing his praises. Can we still beliive or hope for affordable healthcare services when our existing health institutions built and sustained by his predecessors have been sold or concessioned? What are the bases of building a new 27 general Hospitals when the existing ones are begging for revival, or now in private hands? Is there any sense building several new Universities when our only IMSU, is yet to operate from her approved site and are begging for fund?

Please Imolites, its better said that a fow was killed, and eyes sees and confirm, than to say that a cow was kill, and in all, it was false. In the present Imo with her many unemployed youths roaming the street, any govt. without a plan on how to create jobs for the poor uneployed youths have not started. Like Justice Njemanze told Okorocha, build industries, and not hotels in order to create job. That’s my stand. Lets see the shoe and ceramic industries, etc, alive.

Thank you.

Chuks Ukoha



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