UNBELIEVABLE!! Gov.Okorocha skips “Kidnapping issue” in Press Briefing.

Governor Okorocha recently held a Press briefing with Journalists in his village home in Ogboko. In that meeting, he talked about the  progress of  his Administration in the short period following their inauguration. Just incase you missed it, here is  a recap .


1 “Governor Okorocha said that with the approval of the N224billion 4-year capital development plan by the State Assembly, the state government would construct 425 kilometre rural roads, dualize all roads leading to the cities of Orlu, Okigwe and Owerri, construct 27 new well-equipped general hospitals and a five-star hotel each in the three cities of the state.

2.”He further projected that part of the funds would be allotted to construction of modern markets and industries in parts of the state, Imo Airline, a Monumental Tower  and schools.


3. “Owelle Okorocha stressed that the present administration, feeling the pulse of the people, is fixing schools, improving the health facilities, creating industries, as well as completing the abandoned projects in the state.”

Na echeki kwa ooo……

4. “Governor Okorocha recalled that beyond forfeiting his security votes for free education the state government is constructing 305 12-classroom blocks, training its teachers for best performance, and is assisting private and mission schools to thrive. He added that the Imo State University which monthly subvention has been increased to N100million is being relocated to its permanent site in Ideato South LGA. Two standard hostels at the state polytechnic is being constructed as well as the accreditation of the school’s 17 courses.

5. “Imo governor also said that the Adapalm has been revitalized while the Avutu Poultry Farm, Nsu Tiles, Okigwe Clay Industry and the State Shoe Industry would soon be resume productions, as well as the establishment of 10 agricultural processing industries.All these, according to him, will create over 30, 000 jobs for Imo people.



6.The governor further said that the Imo Concorde Hotel is being refurbished to make it reclaim its five-star status while the sum of N350million is being injected to the Oguta Lake of Treasure to make it the tourism haven of the West African sub-region.


7. Imo first citizen disclosed that arrangements has been concluded to relocate the state police headquarters and the prisons complex and also build two bridges across the Nwaorie River in the Owerri Metropolis.


Governor Okorocha however bemoaned the challenges of excessive recurrent expenditures in the state, the bottlenecks in bureaucracy and the financial leakages in government projects. Concluding, the governor who revealed that the state government would establish a college of education in Okigwe zone, insisted that “Imo Must be Better”.

End of story. We didn’t see/read any mention of Kidnapping or how the Administration planned to tackle the growing crime rate in Ala Imo.   Almost every day, someone gets kidnapped. Sometimes, Two/ Three cases are reported in one day alone….. depending on how the hoodlums feel and how much space they have in their warehouse.  Not everyone that gets into their net comes out alive.  This has become a thorn in the flesh for us. What is the Governor and his security team doing about it?

Who would have thought that the Governor would skip this critical matter that troubles his State? Did he honestly forget or were the FAMOUS CNN CREW present at the meeting? LOL!!

Jokes aside, curious citizens wanna know because Governor Okorocha is always articulate in his speeches.  So, how did that escape his thoughts?

Could it be that:

A: He didn’t think it was important to address this major concern that has troubled the lives of his Citizens. (Afterall, kidnapping is not only heard of in Imo State so kini big deal? )

B: He honestly forgot (which is understandable due to the charged atmosphere of sychophants around….)

C: IMO STATE BLOG is making a big deal about nothing?

Please shade ya answer in the comment box below.

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