Governor Okorocha heads off to Asia on working visit

According to information shared with IMO STATE BLOG from the State House of Assembly, Gov.Rochas Okorocha  has embarked on a two week working visit  to Asia (China). On this trip, he intends to attract foreign investors to the State to develop the areas of Power, Agriculture and Tourism. In his absense, Deputy Governor, His Excellency, Jude Agbaso will act on his behalf.

Here is wishing Governor Okorocha journey Mercies and a productive trip.

For those of us who understand Chinese, this is our version:

根據信息的共享與國際海事組織狀態 BLOG從州議會大廈集會,Gov.Rochas Okorocha已經走上了兩個星期的亞洲之行。在此行,他打算吸引外國投資者向國務院發展領域的電力,農業和旅遊業。在他的缺席,副行長閣下,裘德Agbaso將代表他行事。

這裡是希望總督 Okorocha旅程憐憫和生產力之旅。

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