Imo Deputy Governor, Prince Eze Madumere shocks onlookers at Abuja airport.

madumere-dollhouseA passenger who happened to be on the same flight with the Imo Deputy Governor, Prince Eze Madumere reached out to IMO STATE BLOG to share what they witnessed upon arrival in Abuja today.

As the story goes, the Deputy Governor was respectfully allowed to alight first. When he got down the steps, he casually turned back and noticed an elderly man struggling with his luggage while alighting the steps behind him.  Onlookers were stunned to see the second most powerful man in Imo state reach out to help the man.  According to our source, he stretched out his hand to support the man and personally carried his luggage into the waiting shuttle bus.

(Updating post with photo below by popular demand)

madumere airport

 Another lesson in servant leadership and humility …..

These days, it quite rare to see  the powerful ones in our midst show such acts of kindness. We have read several similar reports of  Prince Eze Madumere’s humble nature but this one was quite touching. Elections are over so its not like this was a ‘campaign PR stunt’. That is what leadership is all about. 

Too many people in government seem to think they are above regular folks. Try approaching some of them in public and they will eat you alive with their haughty eyes. Very few among them remember that power is transient…. Have you had any close encounter with any person in high office? What was it like?



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