IMPRESSIVE NEWS: High scores for Deputy Governor, Jude Agbaso

Imo Deputy Governor, Sir Jude Agbaso was spotted over the weekend driving himself around the State capital, Owerri. According to our source, His Excellency was in the company of his  convoy  but opted to drive himself in a small vehicle.


” When we saw the convoy, everybody came out to wave at his Jeep but we were very surprised to see him driving himself  in a small Toyota car…”

This is  News worthy in places in Africa while in other parts of the World, it is not uncommon.  The picture below shows First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama shopping at Target; a merchandise store for the Average American. Can this EVER happen in Nigeria ? Please keep your answer. Thank you.

  Its always nice hearing stories of  leaders who humbly identify with the  people.

 A serious leader rolls up his sleeves and heads out to the Streets to get a first hand analysis. By driving himself in that small car as reported, His Excellency who is also the State Commissioner for Works & Transport gets to experience the bumps and discomfort that  commuters experience  daily. That is how it should be.

 When our   leaders do well, we commend them. When they fall beyond expectations, we criticize them.  At this point, we need not say more. Sir Jude Agbaso definitely earns HIGH points on our Scorecard for the Administration   with this one.


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