IMSG introduces mentoring programme to school children.

gv6-1Determined to encourage a healthier relationship among the teacher, parent and the child as well as ensure qualitative education, the Imo State government has launched the Parent/Teacher/Child Assessment Programme (PTCAP) and Mentoring Programme.

The Governor equally continued the payment of stipend and distribution of educational materials to Imo state children. At the event held in Owerri City School, Owerri, Governor Okorocha said the Rescue Mission introduced payment of stipend to pupils and students to appreciate the Imo child and give him a sense of ownership and participation in the affairs of the State and its resources. Students of secondary schools were paid monthly stipend of N500 while those in primary schools parted with N300 respectively.

On the PTCAP and Mentoring Programme, the Governor explained that they were fashioned to create a platform for collaboration between the teacher, the parents and the child to have a continuous assessment on the welfare of the child, with the view to ensuring proper upbringing of every child; while mentors of the schools are people who volunteered to provide moral and financial support to pupils and students and regularly visit the schools to discuss their common problems.

Governor Okorocha appealed to the Teachers, Principals and other Heads of schools in the State to keep their communication line with the parents and their pupils and students in order to know the position of the child at any given time. He further warned them not to sell the materials provided by government but ensure that every child gets the school sandals, canvas, stockings and other materials.



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