IMSG to prosecute Ohakim, Udenwa – SSG, Prof. Anthony Anwukah

According to this report by The Nation, Former State Governors, Chief Achike Udenwa and Chief Ikedi Ohakim will be dragged to to court for allegedly diverting public funds.

Biko nu, what has Chief Udenwa done to deserve such embarrassment?

Not to digress..

Secretary to the State Government Prof. Anthony Anwukah, said the state could no longer ignore the alleged fraud perpetrated during their time in office.

Udenwa was elected on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Ohakim was elected as a member of the Progressive Peoples Alliance (PPA) but he defected to the PDP.

Prof. Anwukah told reporters yesterday that their investigation revealed that funds meant for the execution of projects by the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), running into billions of naira, were pocketed without executing any project in the state.

“Projects meant to be done were not done and the funds were pocketed without anybody asking questions,” he said.

 “Udenwa misappropriated about N450million road project in Oguta Council Area without any sign of work done, except for two trenches dug by the road side”.

He assured the indigenes of the state, whom he said had been calling for the prosecution of the past administrators to exercise patience, adding that the Rochas Okorocha-led administration had perfected plans to ensure that the corrupt public officials who mismanaged the resources will not escape. 

“We have perfected plans that will be difficult to beat and when they are brought before anti-graft agencies, they will not go scot free”.


Prof. Anwukah called for a review of the derivation formula, inrevenue sharing in the country, arguing that the Southeast states are shortchanged in the scheme of things.

“The oil minerals in the Southsouth flows down from the Southeast to areas with higher derivation and as such should be equally remunerated”


On the other hand, secretary of the PDP in the state, Mr. Liyden Amajirionwu, challenged the state government to prosecute the governors if it has the facts. Amajirionwu who dismissed Prof. Anwukah’s allegation as cheap blackmail, said:

“we have heard of this plan to prosecute the former governors before now. They should go ahead instead of blackmailing them without facts.”




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