ISINWEKE, IHITTE-UBOMA: Van driver killed by army officer over N20 naira.

A van driver Chima Amobi from Nkumeato was killed this morning by an army officer at Isinweke, Ihitte-Uboma LGA, Imo state, Nigeria because he refused to give him N20. What a country!!!

The villagers are presently on the streets in protest. Of course you can trust that the soldiers have zoomed off. The entire Imo State is like an occupied territory with fierce looking, scary soldiers who patrol the nooks and crannies of the state in Toyota Hilux trucks marked ’24/7 Community Policing’.

One wonders when soldiers turned to community police? All they do is extort money from people and beat up innocent citizens especially on major market days in remote parts. This must stop and the culprit of this latest murder arrested. Please, share or BC until he is caught. We are waiting for more info regarding the wicked soldier who snuffed life out of an innocent Imo son and has now left his wife a widow and children fatherless because of N20 bribe. It is so sad. –


Reported by : Nkem Nwaigwe

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