KUNG FU ACTION: GOV.Rochas Okorocha shakes up Owerri.

Undeniably, Gov.Okorocha’s actions in his first week of office can only be likened to a Kung fu Action movie.

Just as the former President of Uganda Idi Amin said in his speech when he took over power, “whenever there is a change in power, heads must roll.”

 The heads definitely rolled out in Owerri this past week starting out with, a certain distinguished Royal bad head.

The  head of the  popular ___ leader turned Chairman of the Failed Council of _________ in the ____________ Administration was the first head to roll out in disgrace. The  head in reference also holds a Doctorate degree in K___pology. News of  his removal was celebrated home and abroad in the same manner people celebrated the Victory of His Excellency, Rochas Okorocha at the polls.


Ten 10,000 heads followed as a result of the 419 employment of nonexistent jobs in the State by the Former _________. This led to a protest of over 2,000 heads .


Last but not the least was the Academic head of the Vice Chancellor of the defunct Evan(s) Enwerem University,  Prof. Osy Nwebo who was  fired for unethical behaviour. From what I gathered, some of the reasons we did not read in the Press Statement that  announced his sack included; Drug addiction, Heavy indulgence with Cannabis Sativa ,  Aggressive Touchery of female students and abuse of Government time. Wonderful!

 So, who is this Prof.Nwebo?

A phone conversation with a  Member of the Student Union of the Unviersity revealed the following:

“He is from Isiala Mbano. Very haggard and aggressive man. A big tout.  Half of the time, the man was performing under the influence  of ________ . While on Government time, he will leave his office to get HIGH   properly because he cannot function effectively as Vice Chancellor without the influence of his _______  . Nwebo’s eyes are read 24/7. He is a confirmed _____________ smoker. . . . .  “

  End of transmission. My ears had heard enough. Gov.Okorocha, I salute you sir.  No further comments.

For those of you who are not familiar with the words “Cannabis Sativa”,  Kindly pick up your Botanical dictionary for more info.


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