Mbieri set to honour Prince Eze Madumere; why is this honour deserved?.

Umu Mbieri United have set aside  Saturday April, 7th to honour their Son, Prince Eze Madumere (Chief of Staff to the Governor). The grand reception will take place at the Orie Market Square, Mbieri. His Excellency, Owelle Rochas Okorocha will grace the event as the Special Guest of Honour.

In a related post to this event,a reader had questioned “why Prince Madumere was being honoured”. Onye ajuju anaghi efu uzo . He may not be the only wondering why.  This classic piece by Uche Onwuchekwa (Media Assistant to Prince Eze Madumere),  provides answers to our questions and much more!



I remember the flagship of Rebrand Nigeria and the entire hoax that surrounded it. The Face of the then crusade was one of our revered one, Professor Dora Akunyili. We had sought attitudinal change and patriotism. But that crusade was ill fated. There was nothing wrong with the Face neither was there anything amiss with the concept per se. There was something intrinsically wrong with the State of the system.

Doing a story on Prince Eze Madumere, a product of prestigious San Jacinto College, University of Houston with an MBA in view from Texas Southern University (Jesse Jones School of Business) seems a normal exercise. So difficult it is to begin to do an appreciation of a man with both very unique backgrounds considering his independence even at a tender age. Prince Eze Madumere, an enigma whose obstinate stance for a just and fair society, which is undoubtedly not enmeshed in subterfuge, is a product whose market mix will take a scientific approach to decipher. I would rather ask what we consider as the strength or admirable make-ups of Prince Eze Madumere KSC, a Fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Chartered Administrators (NICA).

Prince Eze Madumere was one of those Nigerians who were beckoned on to come back and contribute their quota in transformation of Nigeria under General Obasanjo’s Administration. How many were called and how many remaineth. Please, this is rather a matter for another discourse.

Prince Eze Madumere came into Nigerian State as a thorough bred whose strength lies with his mastership in management of material and human resources.  The mutability and immutability of morality in business and politics are yet to reshape an Eze Madumere. His calmness in the midst of turbulence appears to strangers a weakness of sort.

The Eze Madumere of Owelle Rochas Okorocha is a result oriented driven personae. He is neither in a hurry nor too slow to a call. His post call analysis is his result. A negotiator of no mean repute who considers even the good of a supposed enemy is Madumere. Having worked for the present Governor of Imo State in differing capacities yet he never gave up hope. One can imagine a journey full of challenges where temporary falls, thorny shrubs, razor-sharp broken pebbles stepped on bare foot and other excruciating painful challenges occasioned by inhuman treatment in Nigeria’s politics and Politicians can afford. His faithfulness to a thing he believes in can only be fraught with consistency. 

One wonders what brought about this strong knot-tied love between Governor Rochas Okorocha and his Chief of Staff. Their love is built on the principle of humanitarianism. Their style of leadership is ideologically utilitarian. To any truthful third party, he would notice a selfless effort and sacrifices towards set goals. It is a case of same of the same. It is a sweet story of two close brothers never from the same biological mother but are of the same principle. Prince Eze Madumere though saddled with super responsibility to act with full powers but he never acts out without an accord or thinking through a decision considering its pros and cons. Exception of such matter is life and death. The good people of Imo State call him “Mandela” not just because he was unjustly imprisoned by the then desperate ultimate garrison commander of Imo State.  

It took a faithful and a brave-heart in Madumere to confront the army of do or die. That was the story of a man who believes in a cause and not by mere lip service. That is the audacity of hope personified. He has got patience as one of his immeasurable assets. He is humble enough to win over even a toddler. 

Prince Eze Madumere cannot make an unsure promise. He is a strategist whose role is marked with good intentions. Just like his boss, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, reinventing and excavating a kind of politics that brings the desired change to the ordinary man on the street and not such that only exist at the State House and among the plunderers of our common good. Another side of Madumere that is worthy of mention is his Prison Ministry. He has in no little measure facilitated justice having experienced first hand how people are unjustly imprisoned in Nigeria for both political and oppressive reasons.  

For me, the sterling qualities of Prince Eze Madumere KSC and his boss Owelle Rochas Okorocha OON are worthy of emulation, as we cannot afford to be jilted again by the heartless gang from hell. 

The former Head of Channel Development in the KFC with PEPSICO Inc. in the United States of America, as the Chief of Staff to Imo State Governor, has effortlessly carried on with the daunting task of the office without much ado. The mystery that surrounded the office has been demystified. A team player, who has, in synergy, with his colleagues achieved a novel feat in the Rescue Mission Government, is meticulously a respecter of all persons despite the cadre, class or age.

Prince Eze Madumere’s heart of charity is permeating. He has given out scholarships to good number of youths. He has as well shown compassion to many widows. One thing that is different about this man of fate is his preference on empowering to mere giving of alms. His dedication and commitment towards humanity endeared him to many. Till date, he is Chairman of Red Cross, Imo State Chapter. His leadership thoughts on the Youth have won him numerous Awards which time and space will not permit. 

Prince Eze Madmere is a devout Christian and a Knight of Saint Christopher. There is hardly anything he does that he does not easily betray his mind on his belief in God-Almighty. His contribution in the propagation of gospel is still is not limited to any denominations of body of Christ.

At the home front where Prince Eze Madumere was born, Achi Mbieri and entire Mbieri, he has undoubtedly united the entire villages through his Unity Cup which he donated over 20 years ago. Prince Eze Madmere is recognized by his people and crowned as the Prince. He is associated with his Peace preachment due to his constant stance that nothing is too big to be sacrificed for the sake of peace. Ndi Eze Mbieri can attest to his impartial relationship to each and every one of them.

Come Saturday, April 7, 2012, Umu Mbieri United shall be honouring this illustrious son of theirs, a gift to the entire Imo and of course to Nigeria, Prince Eze Madumere KSC, the Chief of Staff to the trail blazing Governor of Imo State, Owelle Rochas Okorocha. It is an honour well deserved. It is time to roll out drums. The big masquerade is due for its meritorious recognition, which begins from his home. This heroic reception shall in no small measure add up to our new found tradition of celebrating excellence.

To God be the glory.



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