Meet the new Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Dikko Abubakar

The new acting Inspector General of Police is said to be a man of action.  Born on the 5th of May, 1958, he  joined the Nigeria Police Force on July 30, 1979. He rose through the ranks to now become the new acting Inspector General of Police.

Prior to his appointment, Mohammed D. Abubakar, was formerly the AIG in charge of Zone 2 Lagos and later AIG Zone 5, Calabar, and was transfered to Bauchi as AIG Zone 12, in November 2011.  The new I.G  is said to be one who is  highly rated for his level of honesty and anti-fraud disposition.

Our spirits were almost dampened by some of the posts we saw on facebook in reaction to Oga’s appointment.

This one says:

What is wrong with this our president? So, he is unable to conduct a security check on the person he appoints to such a high office as the Inspector General of Police? Is this Alhaji MD Abubakar who GEJ has just appointed as the new IGP not the same man that was indicted by the Niki Tobi Panel on the Jos crises and who was recommended by the panel to resign or be sacked? Notably, the government accepted the recommendations. May the Almighty God save Nigerians from the hands of President Jonathan.

This Twitter post just landed on our desk from one of our loyal readers:


As far as IMO STATE BLOG is concerned, all that has been mentioned above is none of our business.  We are not in any position to question the President’s wisdom.  If it pleases the President to appoint Mr.Abubakar as our I.G, who are we to question that decision? (Democracy or no Democracy?)



Anyway, for those who would want to exercise their “rights” to start carrying tales, our hand no dey. You didn’t read anything on IMO STATE  Biko kwa!



 With that said, IMO STATE BLOG hereby congratulates I.G Abubakar on his appointment. End of story.

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