Open letter to South East Governors – Chukwuemeka Umeokonkwo

question3I am writing this letter with a heavy heart full of grief and pains. Why have you all decided to retain your temporary Political positions, by Killing innocent Biafran protesters from the Old South-Eastern region. What crime have those innocent vibrant souls committed against you that you have vowed to put an end to their future and lives? These are the same Peaceful Biafran protesters who the Government of Civilized Countries in the Diaspora asked their Force men to guide and protect, while protesting for the release of the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra. We are not Nigerians,but Biafrans and you all know it.

AREWAS have various forums and groups sanctioned by the Federal Government Of Nigeria and Functioning, but none of the Hausa/Fulani Politicians have risen to speak against the name AREWA REPUBLIC, which of course none of you the South-East Governors can boldly demand for the clampdown of Arewas. Never a day have any Northern Politician demand for the detention of Sagir Rigim the Leader of Arewa Republic,rather they give him the authority to demand for the arrest of the Leader Of The Indigenous People Of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu,which they have succeeded in achieving. If you are not a Slave to the Arewas, demand for the arrest of Sagir Rigim the Leader Of Arewa Republic and see if you will not be automatically be deprived of your positions.

But it’s so unfortunate that, the same Arewa Leaders are ordering that you end the lives of those answering their original name Biafra. You all can testify that on June 2014,Arewa Youths took a protest in Arewa Land to the Palace of the Emir Of Kano Sanusi Lamido Sanusi during the regime of former President Of Nigeria Goodluck Ebele Jonathan,calling Nigeria a ‘FORCEFUL POLITICAL ENTITY’ which must be divided. And of course there was no order of shooting the protesters. The Emir of Kano,Governor of Kano State and other Northern Governors, never demanded that you South-East Governors or the Federal Government of Nigeria, should deploy Nigeria Force men to shoot at sight and get the protesters killed while protesting. It is very shameful to you, that no Northern or South-West Governor or Leader have evenly ordered for the shoot at sight of the Arewa Youth or Oduduwa Youths, but you have been enjoying killing Biafran youths. You South-East Governors are also one of the reasons, why we are agitating for the restoration of our Nation Biafra, as you have all unregrettable sold out your souls and our natural resources to your Masters the Arewa and Oduduwa Politicians, for a peanut compensation of political positions and looting of public funds.

The unemployed Youths and our Parents suffering perpetually left our Indigenous Land Of Biafra and ran to Arewa and Oduduwa Land to seek for little from the bountiful and plenty stolen from their Land for survival sake, they have been unabatedly killed by the Arewa and Oduduwa murderous monsters. Our Pastors have been slaughtered and Churches set ablaze in the North, Our Houses and Belongings destroyed, but there have never been a trace of clampdown carried out against their Youths who committed such unforgivable atrocities to humanity against Biafrans. The Youths of Arewa in form of Hausa/Fulani herdsmen have invaded our Farmlands with their Cattles, destroyed our Crops, Rape our Mothers and Sisters and Kill our Brothers and Fathers making an attempt to rescue us and all of you have been keeping mute despite the large record of killings carried out by Fulani Evil herdsmen, because you have decided to do the bidding of your masters by giving the blood of innocent Biafrans in exchange of your selfish interest. How many of the Northern or South-West Governors have ordered for the deaths of Hausa/Fulani herdsmen? None from the records.

09-02-2016: – 10 unarmed peaceful pro-Biafra were shot dead at Aba by the Nigeria Army

Instead of their Leaders to publicly speak against their crimes, they rather give a public nod to their atrocities and as well arm them to continue carrying out mayhem against our people. You the South-Eastern Governors build Mosques for the Arewas and Oduduwas and welcome them into our Lands. Can any of you point out any Northern Governor who built a Church for people from the South-East? Of course none, they rather order that our Churches and Properties should be demolished in their Lands and warn to throw us in the lagoon if we don’t do their biddings. All of you the South-East Governors have been inviting YAKUBU GOWON – THE MURDEROUS MONSTER AND CHIEF COMMITTER OF GENOCIDE AGAINST BIAFRANS.

During the 1967-1970 Genocide War where over three million Biafrans were killed. You people invited him to BiafraLand in other to give you strategies on how to help him conclude the extermination process and you have been applying his extermination principles.

Did any Northern or South-West Governor invite General Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu to any of their States when he was alive? Never, but rather extended their hatred to even his resting soul. As you are Killing Biafrans at the order of tyrant Mohammadu Buhari and tapping your chest while sitting on your temporary positions, i want you all to trace the records of Ifeajuna,Ken Saro Wiwa,Aguyi Ironsi and other Biafran saboteurs, you will be able to predict your ends. I am not pleading that you make a positive turn around, but this unforgivable atrocities that you have been unabatedly committing against Biafrans,shall hunt you all without a halt.



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