Open memo to Governor Hope Uzodinma -by Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha

Today Is 23rd Of February 2020. In 6 Days Time, This Month Will Come To An End. Your Administration Is Roughly 40 Days And 40 Nights Old.

At Least, 50% Of Ndimo Have Given Support To Your Leadership, And Many More Are Ready To Lend Their Support. The Remaining 50% Are Sycophants And Those In The Opposition. They Are Waiting In The Wings And Road Sides To See You Fail And Become Unpopular. Your Popularity Is As A Result Of The Support From Many Political Leaders And Their Structures. You Were Popular, But Now, You Have Consolidated Support As A Result Of These Interests.

Your Administration Is Moving Smoothly On Course, And Graciously, You Announced Few Weeks Ago That Your Government Would Continue From Where Previous Leadership Stopped. This Is Commendable: Government Is A Continuum.

All Aspects Of Government In IMO State Are Functional/Functioning.

1. Payment Of Salaries Have Continued.
2. Payment Of Pensions To Pensioners.
3. Contractors Have Gone Back To Site.
4. Various Committees Are Back To Work.
5. Our Security Network Have Been Rejigged.
6. You Have Embarked On Inspection Of Projects.
7. Our Judges Have Moved Into Their New Office Complex
8. Permanent Secretaries Have Been Motivated Through The Provision Of New Office Vehicles.
9. There Is Calm And Relatively Peaceful Environment In The State.
10. And So On And So Forth.

Your Excellency, At Least, One Principal Thing Is Lacking, Which Is Very Important. Ordinarily, I Would Have Channelled This To You Through The Official/Proper Channel, Which Is The Office Of Secretary To The Government, And Or The Office Of Chief Of Staff. I Decided To Use This Open Loop Channel (Social Media) So That You Will Appreciate More What I Am Drawing Your Attention To. It Is Not Meant To Castigate Or Ridicule The Administration.

Our Drainages And Gutters Are Blocked. Especially, In The State Capital, Owerri. “Dorty” Is Almost Everywhere, And It Appears Nothing Is Being Done In This Direction To Remedy The Situation. Consequently, I Want The State Sanitation Agency, ENTRACO, To Be Reactivated And Pushed Into The Field For Effective And Efficient Result. And Let It Be Today Or Tomorrow. This Is Because Any Outbreak Of Disease Will Be Very Catastrophic.

Please Don’t Give The Members Of The Opposition The Lacuna/Loophole To Start Fighting Your Leadership, Now That You Are About To Consolidate Your Hold On Power..

Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha

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