PHOTO SERIES: On-going projects in Imo State – Hero Square

IMO STATE BLOG embarked on a fact finding trip around the State to see things for ourselves and enlighten the world on what has been done by the Adminstration so far.

Our maiden feature  is HERO SQUARE.

Hero Square  is  located along Concorde road.  For many years, it was just a mere  space ground  set aside in honour of  the unknown fallen soldier.

Each year, in commemoration of the Armed Forces Remembrance day, the tall bushes grasses were trimmed to give the place a decent look. In the last  Administration, it was used for mainly for mass mobilization. Today, the Hero Square wears a new face.


The pictures  speak for themselves.

Over the next few weeks, we will be featuring  projects by the Okorocha Administration.  Please keep an eye for the next project in our series.


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