PRE -Gubernatorial DRAMA!!Rochas Okorocha's private number gets cloned by Sen.Araruame's campaign. Broadcast false SMS text to Voters!

Drama! Drama! Drama! I didn’t know cloning had made its way into our telecommunications industry in Nigeria until the   National Assembly elections. Well today, Owelle’s phone number got cloned by the Araraume Campaign and distributed this message…    .

“I Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha in the spirit of Equity, Unity, Zoning and in the best interest of our dear state hereby opt out of the gubernatorial race following my meeting with concerned imo elders,I hereby urge all my loyal supporters to vote for Senator Ifeanyi G Araraume of the ACN on tuesday April 26th 2011…Imo State MUST be rescued.”

However, an authoritative source from the Owelle Rochas Okorocha Campaign refuted rumours speculating that Owelle had finally stepped down for Araraume. “Rochas is not stepping down for Araraume and  Araraume is not stepping down for Rochas. We just concluded a joint Press Conference. Both Parties have agreed to work together in fighting any rigging in the Elections by PDP”

Don’t you just love Politics? Besides I thought there were 4 Gubernatorial Candidates; ACN, APGA , CPC and the ruling Party, PDP. How come we are only hearing of 3 Candidates? What part of Imo State has the fourth Candidate been campaigning in? Loooooooooool!! Laughing my way back to my favorite tree branch for safety…

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