Pres. Goodluck Jonathan may be too weak to govern Nigeria

Each time I criticize Pres.Jonathan, it seems as if  I am just anti the Federal Government looking for any opportunity to undermine the Administration of President Goodluck Jonathan.  That is not the case. As someone who whole heartedly supported the Candidacy of Pres.Jonathan, I must be allowed to express my concerns freely when he goofs. So far, there have been many Presidential blunders. Home and Abroad, Citizens have expressed disappointment over Pres.Jonathan’s lackadaisical responses to critical issues in the Country.

The recent  Bomb blast at the U.N Building in Abuja was just another  “subtle” reminder  that Pres.Jonathan needs to sit up and make use of the Authority vested in him to protect the Nation. Boko Haram has had a filled day because they have identified the weakness in our Commander in Chief. That is the only reason they have the guts to strike at will.  Are we going to sit down and fold our hands and allow Al-Qaieda join forces with the existing Boko Haram in tearing the Country apart?

For crying out loud, Pres.Jonathan needs to realize that he is the COMMANDER – IN- CHIEF of the Armed Forces and NOT an ordained Arch. Bishop of the Federal Republic of Nigeria! Do we have to call on Former U.S Pres George W. Bush to school Pres. Jonathan on how a Commander-In-Chief protects his Nation? How many more innocent lives do we need to sacrifice before the Military is called to step in?

 It is apparent that Boko Haram  does not understand the language of Peace and have no intention to negotiate non-violently. Taking that into consideration,  I am of the opinion that if President Jonathan feels he lacks the capability and courage to combat Boko Haram, then this is the time to call on Heavy weight world leaders and hold dialogue. Commander in Chief  to Commander in Chief!!.  That our Satelites rub shoulders with those of the U.S, China and others in Space does not mean we are completely up to par.  We must speak up to request the help of external forces if need be. There is no shame in begging for help to protect the lives of Citizens.

Judging by the reaction from Pres. Goodluck Jonathan so far, I am certain that many are of the opinion that He is too “GOOD” for Nigeria. With all due respect, Nigeria does not need a “Peaceful  Lamb” as President. What Nigeria needs is a Bold and Courageous Commander – in – Chief who will not hesitate to send his Military to the battle front. We need a fearless President who has a mind of his own. No matter how soft we are as humans, there are times when we have to shut our eyes and toughen our hearts to strike back.

Now is the time to do so.


Victims of these attacks are innocent citizens toiling to make ends meet.  Haven’t we sacrificed enough Blood? How many more lives do we need to be sacrificed?

I am not one to support Violence however, this has gone on for too long. The next target is unknown. It maybe either of us the next day. It may also be you, Pres. Jonathan.  The Country is no longer safe. How long will Nigeria continue to live in fear?  A lot must be done to reassure the Nation that Your Excellency is in total control. We must head back to the Drawing board with the National Security Advisers and come up with a plan.

ENOUGH of the Peace talks. ENOUGH of the Press Statements. This is a critical period  that calls for Action and less words. If Violence seems to be the only language understood by Boko Haram, then we must address them accordingly. Fire for Fire.

Joi John


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