Pres.Jonathan is following a well laid out program of under-developing the South East till 2020.


President Jonathan is following a well laid out program of under developing the South East till 2020. This issue of 2nd River Niger bridge has been a campaign issue since 2003 election.

When former President Obasanjo flagged off his South East campaign at Okpara Square in Enugu; he had it as top priority. The same for late President Yar Adua in 2007. Even Senator Andy Uba in his stillborn governorship confirmed signing a tripartite contract between the Delta, Anambra and Federal Government to build the bridge.

The federal government even confirmed during the late President Yar Adua presidency, that Nigerian Engineers have designed the bridge. In 2011 President Jonathan campaigned that the 2nd Niger bridge will be completed before the end of his tenure. One wonders, why the same President is now talking of consultancy designs etc in 2012.

The areas targeted are Power, Road infrastructure, Education. Despite all the claims of the 3 R(s) of General Gowan, it was agreed that the South East should be held in bondage for 50 years.

Power:  Oji Power Station – Coal powered and the cheapest to develop was left without rehabilitation because its upgrade will bring economic boom to the Eastern part of the country. The ancillary benefits of exploiting coal which is in abundant in the belt was ignored. Even the Obasanjo’s power program of 2003-2007 deprived the South East in its program. Secondly, the South East was deliberately sidelined in the gas pipeline program.

Road Infrastructure: Enugu/ Onitsha; Enugu /Abakaliki; Enugu /Port Harcourt; Onitsha/Owerri; Owerri/ Aba; Aba/Ikot Epene; Oba/Okigwe; Owerri/ Port Harcourt; etc. Almost all the Federal roads in the South East or Eastern Nigeria are death traps, except for the Onitsha /Owerri and Afikpo /Okigwe Roads that former Senate Presidents Enwerem & Anyim ensured was awarded to Julius Berger.

Education: University admission is also not left out as most Federal Universities in the South East were only allowed to admit about less than 50% of what other universities in the country were allocated. In all the examinations in Nigeria (WASC, JAMB) the South East contributes almost over 50% of the applicants, but are only allowed less than 10% chances.




Written by: Phil Ezeogu

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