Prince Eze Madumere’s 48th birthday celebration in photos + BIG surprise from the First Lady!

On July 4th,  Prince Eze Madumere celebrated his  48th Birthday. The Chief of Staff to the Governor told that he had set the day aside to spend it with the less privileged children.


“Instead of dining with Kings and Queens, I decided to dedicate my life to helping the Children in Motherless babies home in Owerri, School of the deaf and dumb and the less privileged in various communities of the State.”   – Prince Eze Madumere.

His statement caught the attention of former Commissioner for Information & Strategy, Dr.Kelechi Okpalake and he stepped forward with the following response.


@Joi, are you sure that Eze Madumere actually said this? I ask this question because based on the information I get , he seems to be the most respected member of the entire owelle’s administration and his respect I learnt is borne out of his humility. There is nothing humble about this comment.

Is he telling the world that he dines with kings and queens and if so who are the kings and queens he regularly dines with. Or is he trying to say that it a privilege for orphans and physically challenged to be in his presence.

From what I have heard of the IMO chief of staff my conclusion is that he is a good man. He must have misspoken and Joi you should be a good sport and pull down this link. We have very few good men in owelle’s administration so any genuinely good man in that administration must be protected.

Not sure of what to make of Dr.Okpalake’s response, we patiently waited for feedback on how Prince Eze Madumere ended up spending his day.  True to his word, Prince Madumere  devoted his day planting smiles on the lips of the less privileged kids. Here are some exclusive photos  for your viewing pleasure.

Prince  Madumere who is also the Chairman of the Red Cross (Imo State Chapter) utilized the opportunity to raise funds for the motherless babies home. can authoritatively disclose that over N2 million naira was  raised on that day alone.The funds included a N200,000 cheque donation from the Aku of Mbieri and his wife.

So the day comes to an end and all the kids gather to wish their  mentor  farewell….


Back at the lodge, Prince Madumere gets sidetracked with God knows what… if only he knew what the First Lady, Nneoma Nkechi Okorocha was baking in the oven. 😀

As the gist goes, we learnt Prince Madumere was rounding up for the evening when a call came in from the First Lady.  She needed to see him ASAP.  According to the story we heard, he was told that Her Excellency needed him to escort her to visit a sick relative.

Unsuspectingly, he met up with Her Excellency and they hit the road.Little did he know that the First Lady had planned a surprise birthday party for him.

We were reliably informed that on their way, they picked up the Pastor who was supposedly going to  pray  for the sick relative and Her Excellency even stopped to buy  Annointing oil! LOL!

Along the way, Madam’s attention was drawn to the   power outage in the Governor’s privately owned hotel so they stopped to inquire about the problem. As they walked through the lobby in darkness, Prince Madumere was unknowingly led  into a room with people who gathered in honour of the First Lady’s invitation. Needless to say that the lights came on and the celebration began…


 Chief of Staff and the First lady…..

 The celebrant cuts the Cake with his youngest son..

– The End –

Thanks for viewing . What do you think? 🙂

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