RE:- IMPENDING MAYHEM BY PDP : The case of the press release purportedly signed by the APGA Imo factional chairman.

Educate me properly on the facts of an issue and allow me the opportunity to form my God given opinion on the matter.  Stop feeding me with half truths and falsehoods to sway my views.  As a human being endowed with faculty to reason, allow me the exercise of my independent ability to exercise this faculty.

The press release purportedly signed by the factional Chairman of Imo State Chairman, actually was originated and drafted by the Imo State Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Hon. Chinedu Offor.

He forwarded the same press release filled with lies to Val Okara Imo Son Correspondent before it was forwarded to every media outlet both local and national media. 

It is being broadcast at least three to five times on the state owned Orient f.m inspite of its notation of every known regulation of National Broadcasting Commission.

What is really the bone of contention that this press release raised such an alarm about?  Did the press release inform the public why it claims that PDP was bent on causing mayhem in the state?

The bone of contention is actually the swearing in of Hon. Eugene Dibiagwu who won the Oguta State Assembly election.  It is to be recalled that Eugene Dibiagwu soundly defeated APGA candidate in that election which held on August 11, 2012.  By now, all Imo people know that Oguta Local Government has been denied representation in the Imo House of Assembly as a result of non conclusion of the Assembly election commenced on April 26, 2011.  That election was finally concluded on August 11, 2012, and the Oguta people spoke laud and clear through their votes.

The speaker of Imo State House of Assembly forwarded a letter to Hon. Eugene Dibiagwu advising him to be available for his swearing-in on August 23, 2012. The Imo State Government went immediately to Judge Ngozi Opara, the vacation judge in Imo State asking the Court to restrain the Speaker from swearing in Hon. Dibiagwu.  Swearing in process is an administrative procedure that becomes ripe upon the issuance of a Certificate of Return issued by INEC. It is not subject to a Judiciary injunction (pls see Buhari Vs Obasanjo).



Hon. Eugene Dibiagwu has made all the necessary arrangements for his swearing-in, when on Tuesday, August 22 he heard an announcement on the State Governments Radio (Orient f.m) that the State House of Assembly will not be seating on Wednesday.  Hon. Dibiagwu still with the letter from the speaker and no other correspondence informing him of a change of date on rescinding the original letter, decided to call the speaker but the speaker could not be reached.

Dibiagwu decided to honour the letter sent to him by the Speaker and decided to present himself for the swearing-in with a contingent of his people from Oguta Local Government including market women, elders and youths of his local government.  On reaching the Imo House of Assembly grounds, he discovered that over 100 military and 100 police officers in riot gear had been stationed by the APGA Government at the premises of the Imo State House of Assembly.  On sighting the Honourable, the armada of force assembled by the government unleashed the wrath of the Imo Governor as they were ordered on innocent citizens of Oguta Local Government just because they voted PDP and defeated the APGA candidate.

Anyone that reads the above true facts of the APGA press release will now understand that the reason for the press release is to curry the unsuspecting public’s favour for its own impending mayhem on innocent citizens of our State.

We all must also remember that Hon. Luke Chukwu representing Ohaji/Egbema was sworn-in without the issuance of Certificate of Return by INEC.

My people, this is the APGA Rescue Mission in Imo State.





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