READERS MAIL: How sustainable is the 4th tier government ?

I just read your blog on the lousy explanation by Imo State Government for redeploying  Civil servants. Joi John, you yourself just be honest, how does it sound to you?


By the way what is 4th tier government sef? How sustainable is it? Will it stand the test of time? What the hell happened to Local Government  staff? If  Rochas thinks the civil servants  are not useful in the Ministries, tell me what use will they  be in the communities? What will be their schedule of duties?


  Anyway, that one concern them. All I know is that  Rochas can fool  us sometimes but he can’t fool us all the time! 4th tier government my ass. Common salary he doesn’t pay his Community Speakers. Officers of his own brainchild. Their imprest nko? Forgotten issue!

Ihi 4th tier government riekwa ya!


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