READERS MAIL: IMSU Female Student battles deadly disease. Exposes Lecturer

This is so pathetic!. The sender of this email first reached out to IMO STATE BLOG  in June. Glad she was bold enough to muster courage to respond with more details. A Professors name is mentioned. Who is this Professor? If anyone has more facts on him or any of the Lecturers committing such, please send us an email.


To Whom It May Concern

I keep confessing that all lecturers in the mass communication department of Evan Enwerem University  (IMSU) are now in huge extortion of money from students, we pay them in cash and kind so that one can move forward with her studies.

They are corrupt minds with all dirty immoralities, (IE:Prof. Anyanwu & others)

I have gone out of may way and exposed myself to danger of deadly disease just to meet up their demands.

I have exposed myself to deadly deases because of going out of my way to look for money to satisfy the demand of lecturers of my department. 

I am a Mass Communication student 300 level I know what am talking about I can’t hide it anymore because am suffering from an incurable  disease now, I can’t afford dying in silent anymore,   

Of course very soon some will share from same health condition, hope you are not a partaker of such evil.

  Nma A .


   Two thumbs up to  Eedris AbdulKareem for highlighting the plight of our female students through this Musical Video.

  This is such a shame!!

Nigeria honestly has a very long way to go. It is quite unfortunate that we do not have a system in place that protects such “Confidential Reports” or one that enforces disciplinary actions against these randy old buffoons parading the Institution as Lecturers. Neither do we have one that investigates such reports. It will turn out to be her word against the so called Professor Anyanwu.

At the end of the day, the girl will be the one to loose. They will fail her. Friends of the mentioned Professor will also turn around and victimize her for putting their colleague on Blast.  Sadly, that is how it goes. When will this end?

Meanwhile. . . .

Biko nu, if anyone has has information  on how to reach PROF, kindly reach out.  This is a very serious issue.  We have made several efforts to contact him to no avail. Kindly send any leads you may have. Thanks.

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