READERS MAIL: Response to Governor Okorocha's List of Special Assistants

In as much as I am disappointed with this bloated list of special assistants, I am an ardent lover and admirer of Governor Rochas and I still believe he is the right man for the job.

The problem with Nigerians is that we criticize and judge people very easily. Just few days ago most of you lunatics were praising this man and were even calling him the messiah we need in Imo State, but today he has suddenly become a bad man.

Why not wait for at least 1 year so we all can look back and re-access things for ourselves. I spent good money to come to Nigeria to cast my vote for Rochas and others, so I believe it is too early to rush to conclusions. I advise that we wait, in 4 years time we can look back and check his performance with past governors from our Dear State.

For me Rochas is doing very well at the moment, Free Education, Reduction in Security vote, Prompt payment of Civil servant Salaries and now payment of over eleven years old three months pension arrears to pensioners. I just hope this is not just normal first month gra gra? If you must criticize, I believe in constructive criticism.

Those of you calling him an Illiterate should check the meaning of the word “illiterate”. Rochas doesn’t seem to be an illiterate. Our problem in Nigeria is that we so much believe in acquiring so many degrees and certificates that most of us cannot even defend. We have millions of university graduates in Nigeria yet we still import everything, including little things like razor blade, handkerchief and toothpicks???

Those close to our dear governor should please tell him that we dont need white elephant projects in Imo. What we need to move to the next level is good quality education, good quality medicare, good roads, constant power, security and agriculture. These are not too difficult to achieve.

Rochas is a well established businessman, I believe he can easily get investors from many parts of the world to invest in different areas of the state economy. Also, he should find and upgrade the top 4 tourists attractions in Imo. We can generate billions of Naira yearly from tourism.

Final ADVISE to our governor, please please please ALWAYS personally MONITOR any contract you award to contractors. I am telling you if you award contracts and dont monitor them they will do very bad jobs and we the citizens will blame you.

This is why i so much love and admire Governor Chibuike Amechi of Rivers State, he personally visits and monitors most mega projects in PHC without even telling the contractors. Most mega projects in PHC are up to international standard.

I know most Nigerians wont believe this, but if you look back you will see there is alot of changes and transformation going on in this country. The governors of Lagos, Enugu, Akwa Ibom and Rivers States are doing wonders in their states and deserve commendation. Nigeria is moving forward, but we are not moving as fast as we are supposed to. Let us all join hands to rebuild this country for the betterment of all of us.



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