Nothing can be so heartbreaking as watching your loved ones suffer so much pains. So much pains that could have been avoided if we had put in place proper institutional and administrative frameworks in place .

The poor and terrible state of health care facilities and infrastructure in Imo state is such that we need to declare urgent emergencies in the Imo health sector now .

This poor infrastructure /facilities challenge is even more confounded because of near absence of basic health education.

I have been on phone and seemingly look helpless in the face of avoidable health challenges of a dear brother in Okigwe LGA .

He complained of feverish conditions and I asked him to go for a test . The result turned out according to them to be the usual Typhoid and Malaria. He has been on medication since then.

This evening they reported to me that his BP rose to a terrible 220/160 level. We all know the dangers of this type of BP level. Now, I instructed them that he must take up a bed in the hospital and get good medical attention to control the BP. But unfortunately, there is no hospital in the whole of Okigwe LGA that is open 24/7 with power and medical care.

Very unfortunate . There is no one single hospital in the whole of Okigwe LGA ( public or private) that is on 24/7 power supply . Be it national grid, deseil powered or solar powered. There is no hospital in the whole of Okigwe that is equipped to handle emergencies, critical conditions or have intensive care units.

I am sure it is the same situation in every part of the state. It pains and saddens me that this is the situation that we found ourselves in the eastern Heartland.

We are all poor in Imo state but do not realise it yet . We are all poor because the state of health care facilities and infrastructure in our dear state is so poor that even with US$10m cash in your car trunk any slight health emergency situation will kill the person .

The Imo state airport does not even have night landing facility that can even allow an emergency air ambulance to land and evacuate anyone in case of health emergency in the Night . Such is the terrible state of things and yet we all behave as if all is well .

Any nations or states that do not have basic health care facilities and which do not pay their health care practitioners and professionals well like kings are wasted societies. The shabby way we treat our doctors and nurses show how shallow minded and self nihilist most of us are.

Go to other parts of the sane world and see the level of premium they place on their health and education sectors and how they celebrate their professionals in those fields as kings and queens.

I want to plead with the new Imo state government to fix our general hospitals. Every local government area in Imo state must have a functional and well equipped general hospital that is properly staffed to work 24/7.

We must provide unique embedded power solutions for each of these hospitals to enable them work 24/7 outside the epileptic national grid supply Health is Wealth . Health and education are social investments we cannot trifle with .

Each of these hospitals in the 27 LGAs must have at least basic diagnostics, drug dispensaries and intensive care centres. We can procure drugs directly and uniformly from the manufacturers .
We can fund these hospitals mainly with LGA allocations. Provide 30% of LGA allocations compulsorily every month to fund them.

We can assist the IMSU teaching Hospital as the major tertiary health institution in Imo state to secure a renowned Isreali health group to set up a $10m world class medical Diagnostic center that will provide world class health services to our people as well as teaching / learning faculties for our medical interns .

We are all endangered if we refuse to do the right things . Life is not worth any meaning if we cannot help to shape it and provide basic things that can make it better for all

For the umpteenth time, I want to reinstate it that we are all poor in Imo state. The condition of our health sector buttress this abysmal level of poverty amongst all of us here . If you do not fall victim, your kit , kin , brother , sister, mother, father , supporter or clans man or woman may be the next victim.

Let’s move away from politics now and work together to save our collective lives

God Help Us .

OBIARAERI, Nnaemeka Onyeka

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