REPORT: The state of Lawlessness and filthiness in Owerri.

The level of lawlessness and filthiness of Owerri, the capital city of Imo State is gradually drawing to levels never seen before in the state, it they haven’t already reached that level.

Motorists now disobey every traffic rule in the book without any reprimand, they park cars on the roads causing traffic jams and drive with a recklessness unfamiliar in the state. To add to this indiscipline is the abject disregard of the traffic laws by our leaders.


Go to Lagos where Governor Fashola despite Lagos legendary traffic jams will not use sirens to chase the people that voted him out of the way. Come to think of it, the people who are now driving at neck-breaking speed, blaring sirens and using koboko or horse-whip to pursue us from the road are the same people we voted. What is chasing them? Probably their guilt. It is now so rampant that a common driver who happens to be driving a Hilux truck equipped with sirens while now use it indiscriminately to scare people out of his way. Is that what our leaders are teaching us? Even ambulances now have learnt to use their sirens to chase people out of the road and when you challenge these people, you’ll receive curses or beating for daring them. In advanced countries, sirens are only used when the President is moving. Governors do not necessarily use sirens. Sirens are meant only for the police and only used in the event of an emergence but that isn’t the case in Owerri where everybody is now using it to scare the poor citizens. Is that what we voted our leaders in for? The indiscriminate use of sirens should be checked before someone is hurt by their reckless driving and bullying. Even the police who will arrest you for indiscriminate driving are the champions of rough driving. Rather than properly control traffic, they are more interested in who they will ‘chop’ rather than carrying out their constitutional duties.

That Owerri is now becoming the filthiest city in Nigeria is no surprise to the people living in it. That we haven’t yet had a major outbreak of one disease or the other is just by the special grace of God. For a city once upon a time voted the cleanest city, this is a big slap on our faces.


Ohakim did not do well but in the issue of cleanliness and order, he passed with flying colors. Nobody can be bad in everything and an effective and a progressive leader should learn to sieve the good things from the bad. What the Gov. Okorocha administration would have done would have been to understudy those areas his predecessor did well and improve on them rather than scrap everything and later run into confusion. When Gov. Rochas Okorocha came onboard, the activities of Entraco was put on hold. When dirt started covering our roads, he recanted and called them back to work without finding out how they were able to achieve their success in the past. Entraco’s powers were clipped and their resources reduced and that has subsequently reduced their efficiency. Managing waste is an expensive matter but our present leaders do not understand that. People now parked their cars on major roads like Douglas causing traffic jams while overflowing refuse dumps are now struggling with vehicles over right of way.


Government should institute a committee to understudy how best to manage waste and indiscriminate parking and traffic congestion in the state. They should also show us that we voted them and stop chasing us from the roads and bullying us with kobokos. Stop the indiscriminate use of sirens before someone is hurt by it. That place or meeting they are hurrying to if they are sincerely going for something important, will still be there if they respect our rights and the traffic rules.

Obinna Akuwudike



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