Other side to the “Two hour airspace closure for the Presidential Jet” that allegedly contributed to the Dana Air crash.

Stella Dimoko Korkus of Encomium Magazine ran a very disturbing article today.  It tells the story of a man who’s  Private Jet was also forced to hover 2 whole hours till the Airspace was opened because First Lady was preparing to depart for Abuja in the Presidential Jet after the ceremony that brought her to Lagos.

According this anonymous Jet owner, his jet was still roaming the airspace when the  Dana Air coffin plane crashed. There have been a lot of controversies surrounding this story since it first broke today.

IMO STATE BLOG spoke with Journalist behind the story and she stands by her article.

This is how she reports the story on her Blo:

“Is there any way of getting confirmation about news I’m just getting that the Dana plane was distressed for a while but could not make an emergency landing because the airspace was closed for 2 hours for  the Presidential Jet carrying Dame Patience Goodluck Jonathan.

Private jet owners who had to hover in the air same time leaked this. This was apparently the reason local news didn’t report the crash for so long till CNN and foreign news stations started reporting it.

Local news was ‘blacked out’ trying to kill the story of the airspace being closed while a distressed plane couldn’t land.

It would be shocking if so. Though there was engine failure there was still time for the plane to have landed apparently.

You do know anyway that the airspace is closed for up to 2hours each time the Presidential Jet needs to go into the air? 2 hours for a 15minute take off or landing!

And this jet is used by President, VP, President’s wife and if I recall David Mark.

It’s almost a daily occurrence I’ve been told by airline staff when it caught me out on a trip

The truth remains that the President’s wife was actually in Lagos to attend the christening of their personal assistant’s child at the Oriental hotel.. Lekki. Anyone living on the Lekki axis saw first hand the horrendous traffic caused by the president’s wife’s visit..and confirmed reports from airport staff who volunteered information, collaborated this fact, that the Lagos airport was actually shut for 2 hours, about the same time the ill fated Dana Plane crashed. This also strongly explains the reason why Aero contractor airplane could not depart Abuja for Lagos at 3:40pm because of the closure of the Lagos airport. This is criminal and one can only imagine the deep sorrow ad-in-finitum (without limit) that the families of these unfortunate Nigerians and other nationals are currently plagued into. Grief that is so thick in the air, that one can cut through with a knife…rooted soul searching. Yes we have to and yes we can; beginning from our immediate homes and While we pray for the repose of the souls of the departed, we need as a nation to thoroughly do some deep ommunities.. with time this will snowball into our National consciousness. For how long are we going to sacrifice the lives of our dear brothers and sisters and by extension mortgage the future of their/our children, just for the comfort of our leaders? For a 15 minutes ritual of plane take-off, an airport was shut for 2 hours because our “DEAR FIRST LADY” was scheduled to return to Abuja.. OH merciful God, help Nigeria in Distress!” 

NIgerians need to know what happened?who closed the airstrip for two hours on sunday june 3,2012????

As we know, there are three sides to a story; side A, side B and the truth! Again, IMO STATE BLOG reached out to a Government official who is not authorized to speak for the First lady or the Presidency. It is important to note that the un- named government official in this post also lost friends in the plane crash. With that said, this response should not be misconstrued as a counter statement.

See response:


” Not True. No VIP was anywhere near the Airport. The plane was bad, 2 engines exploded, fuel spewed into the passenger compartment, fire razed through the plane. The plane was out of control. Some died from smoke inhalation, others while it slammed into the building and exploded. Plane lost all power and was a flying coffin when it came down. The airport was made ready after the Pilot called “May Day”.

Not ashamed to express our ignorance, we pressed for kowatiation on what “he/she” meant by the Pilot calling for “May day”. The details in the final response will shock you.


“No. Its a world wide standard distress call by all planes in trouble. The oxygen mask deployed but no oxygen came out.

What a shame!!

Meanwhile, the Management of  Dana Air disclosed that an investigation into the cause of the crash was already underway with the assistance of the U.S. Government. Be as it may, nothing will bring back the lost ones. Hopefully reports from the investigations won’t be swept under the carpet as usual.



Honourable Minister, Exam e setti kwa la o!





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