The UGLY side of the Beautiful First Lady, Barr.Chioma Ohakim.

It is common knowledge that not every staff will have something good to say about his or her madam. The angelic First Lady of Imo State, Her Excellency Barrister Mrs. Chioma Ohakim has had her own share dose of bad belle staff. This is what an anonymous staff wants the whole world to know of the Behind-the-Camera lifestyle of Her gorgeous Excellency.

. . . . His wife is worse.  She will curse you out without looking back. She abuses. Ohakim doesnt abuse you, his wife will abuse you and tell you the story of your life. She even slaps us her Staff. The woman is wicked and stingy. You can imagine that after the election, after the declaration we could not go home, we stayed in their private house in Prefab,  She kept flaring up, if you pass she will abuse you. (Greedy people, foolish people long throat) as if we were the ones that made them to loose the election. During the election, she was fasting so much that she lost weight. Its not like she cares about Imo people. All she cares about is Power.  She calls herself Ikiriess.Then she says her children are Ikirilets.  Can you imagine? Fo____ish woman. That is what she calls herself.  

End of transmission. 

As always. I stand loyal to the incumbent Ohakim Administration atleast, till May.29th.

All ye anonymous staffers who have waited four years to exercise your right to freedom of expression ; you people will not  land me in the net of our Firstlady, the self acclaimed Ikiriess who ,is also a BARRISTER by profession. Even though someone is challenging her to make her credentials public, I will not be the scape goat.   (Onu m PIM!)

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