2015 Imo governorship debate: History of regrets – By Uche Onwuchekwa

The PDP human whistling Palms and their APGA Red Card Bearers Are the Problem!

I have read different versions of accounts as to what happened at Assumpta yesterday and I could not believe less that desperation for power could turn a woman a man over night. It has proven valid that that morals usually take the back sit if not thrown to the dogs when dirty politics is a play.

Some of the divides have argued that APGA was the first aggressor and another camp blamed it on PDP while Others blamed it on Governor’s men.

Relevant question should be; What was the remote cause of this problem?

As earlier as 7 am, Assumpta was filled with dangerously looking thugs believed to have been hired and deployed at the supposed Church of God. Their own identity was that they were armed with whistles and Red Cards. They made the place so discomforting by blowing their whistles making everyone around want to run away.

Another question is this, if the event as we were told was a debate, how come women who pretended to be widows were also there singing against whoever?

The drama got to the crescendo when one of the guests pointed at two women among the so called widows wanting to know if they were married in the first place let alone losing their husbands. These led to the flight of the women away from the Assumpta Cathedral. It is obvious that most of these women parading themselves as widows are not even married.

It is on record that one man had chased away his wife for lying that he was dead. This is one story news hounds are too lazy to nose out. There should be a follow up on this widow thing except it is a conspiracy by all. What was their business at Assumpta?

In the midst of all these fiasco, somebody was still kicking he wanted to have a debate. In the cause of inter party scuffle, the stage was scattered as the podium was kicked away and seats disorganized.

The fact remains that there is perception of bias in the whole arrangement. Secondly, there was so much suspicion among different parties. Three, the main organizers took so much for granted to the extent that when it was noticed that miscreants had taken over the center stage, it should have engaged the services of security agencies to sift them away.


Owelle Rochas Okorocha, Imo State Governor never came there on getting first hand information of what was happening.

To me, Owelle as usual was patriotic and fatherly for staying away. Ordinarily, if he had put in appearance, I am sure that the story would have been different because it would have been an engagement on who speaks with less disturbance and pronouncement from the Bishop.

The graphic evidence shows that the real thugs were the PDP with their APGA counterpart who only came to Assumpta to forment trouble. I have the photographs that show them with their principal. Let the truth be said. The programme was planned to fail.

PDP never wanted a debate but preferred to used the avenue as a decoy to unleash its venomous propaganda, which has remained counter productive. If one had listened to Hot FM yesterday, the story was that Gov. Okorocha kept away against foreseen humiliation. Well, that seem balderdash. Meanwhile, the Red Card bearing thugs were also sighted at Hot FM. The photos are sourced from PDP youths.

The whole thing was a sham. I learned a Rev. Fr. was also alleged to have been manhandled. Well, I do not know to what extent whether he found himself in the cross fire while the miscreants were outdoing one another armed with whistles, Red Cards, dangerous weapons and enlarged chests. I also had it in good authority that Rev. Fr. In question was also cautioned by some youth to tell the truth as a priest.

You know in things of the Church, you are always careful because of the high level of bigotry in the land, which desperate and criminally minded politicians are very receptive to using to quench their thirst for power.

Of course, Ike C. Ibe had already fired whipping up religious sentiment on the desecration of the alter. The place by virtue of what it was left its sacredness as alter to a battle ground. I believe that the negative motif behind the debate as conceived by different politicians made the outing a failure even before the D-Day. For our revered IKe. C. Ibe, he is only playing to the gallery because  he remains indicted by virtue  of his mobilized thugs led by his Oga, Capt. Iheanacho.

In all, it was a history made in the negative. Simply put, a history of regret it was…

– Submitted by: Uche Onwuchekwa

Onwuchekwa is the Chief Press Secretary to the Imo state Deputy Governor




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