458m Bribe scandal: IMSG debunks accusations in travails of Deputy Governor, Jude Agbaso

The attention of the Imo State Government has been drawn to gross inaccuracies and outright lies  by some section of the media about recent events  as it concerns the on-going investigation of corruption leveled against the Deputy Governor Sir Jude Agbaso  by a Lebanese contractor J-Pros.

I wish to state that  contrary to reports in the media, the  Deputy Governor continues to carry out the responsibilities  of his office and in fact joined Gov. Okorocha on inspection of projects around the state on  Friday, when speculations  were rife that he has been impeached  or that his office has been sealed off.

These deliberate attempts by some paid agents masquerading as media practitioners  speaks volumes of the  level of desperation of some forces to over heat the polity and  drag Gov. Okorocha into what is essentially an attempt  by the IMHA  to determine the veracity of an allegation made against a senior government official in line with Gov. Okorocha’s  agenda of zero tolerance for corruption.  In fact, at the invitation of Sir Agbaso, Gov. Okorocha has severally postponed his planned trip to wade into the matter with a view of finding out the truth through a process  that is fair, lawful and constitutional.

It is therefore  mischievous and unprofessional for some section of the media to accuse Gov. Okorocha of being behind   the travails of the Deputy Governor.  Its is a known fact that Gov. Okorocha lacks the powers to interfere in the constitutional duties of the IMHA, and should not be linked to the on-going investigation. Gov. Okorocha’s interest remains  to ensure Sir Agbaso  gets the opportunity to prove his innocence . This is consistent with the zero  tolerance policy on corruption  of the Rescue Mission  administration.

Imo Must Be Better

Chinedu Offor
Hon. Com for Information, Culture and Tourism



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