Pathetic story of the pregnant woman who died after being denied treatment … Which way Nigeria?

This is the picture of the pregnant lady who died as a result of the denial by   staff at Garrison clinic,in Port Harcourt to provide her treatment when she was rushed there after complaining of a sudden stomach pain and headache, while cooking. 34 year old Ijeoma Ahamefule was five-months pregnant.

Doctors refused to provide her treatment because the husband only had N5,000 on him, instead of the N20,000 bei

ng demanded, as a precondition for treatment. Even the N5,000 the man had on him had been used to offset registration and other costs. All pleas from the husband fell on deaf ears…. by the time he got to another hospital, she gave up the ghost.

There are so many cases like this happening everyday. It is no longer news that the Presidency has budgeted the sum of N50,308,546 against 2013 for Medical expenses alone. How many people are we curing with that amount abeg? Which way Nigeria?




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