AGBASOGATE: As the watchful eyes of the EFCC land on Imo state.

Yesterday, we reported that Chairman of the Special Ad-hoc committee, Hon. Simon Iwunze, Hon.Sam Daddy Anyanwu and Hon.Ikenna Emeh honored an invitation to the EFCC headquarters where they were grilled for hours on Tuesday.

IMO STATE BLOG learnt that they were questioned over the report that impeached erstwhile Deputy Governor, Jude Agbaso. We also reported that some top government functionaries complained of receiving unwanted phone calls. (cough)

Before the ink of of our pen could dry, the hardworking men of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)  detained  the Imo state Commissioner for Finance, Chike John Okafor and Accountant General of the State, Eche George Ezenna.

Contrary to news reports that they were “picked up”, the government functionaries  reported in Abuja at the request of the EFCC however, they were prevented from leaving.

Spokesperson for the Commission, Mr. Wilson Uwajaren further confirmed that both functionaries are being interrogated regarding the N1.2 Bn contract awarded to Joseph Dina of JPROS International. It will be recalled that Jude Agbaso was impeached amidst allegations of collecting a N458m bribe from JPROS in exchange for  guaranteed contracts in future.   

We commend the EFCC for doing their job effectively. Imo citizens will forever hold them in high esteem if after all the interrogations , our  money is recovered. Most importantly, it will also silence all those enemies of progress who are quick to ridicule the good name of the EFCC by referring to the commission as  *ndi oka nma na news*.



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