Aide to Gov.Ikedi Ohakim threatens IMO STATE BLOG

So here I am minding my business on Facebook and I get an inbox-message from an IKEDI OHAKIM account.

Subject line: U better mind Ur language..

OK. I dont see an elderly man like Gov.Ohakim using abbreviations like  (U and UR) ; moreover, shouldnt Gov.Ohakim be too busy for Facebook? I was reliably informed he frequents this blog from his IPAD. I hear he reads and sometimes laughs it off so, I was shocked to receive such an ikiriotic message from a faceless Coward.

I had made up my mind to overlook the empty threat but its 2:30am my time and here I am with another express inbox message:

Between You and Ikedi Godson Ohakim
Subject: U better mind ur language..

Ikedi Godson Ohakim May 24 at 4:45pm Report

Joi John May 24 at 5:31pm
How do you mean? Is this a joke? Mind which Language?

The Gov.Ohakim we know should not have time for Facebook at this critical period. Have you people finished packing?
If you are an AIDE of His Excellency, you must be very stupid to threaten me with such nonsense. EWU!

Oh and by the way, I will dedidate a special shout out to His Excellency for reading the Blog. Heard that yesterday so go back and tell him that I am humbled. More articles to follow.

Ikedi Godson Ohakim May 24 at 5:43pm Report
U will definitely see… Hope u know

Joi John May 24 at 6:20pm
Now I am convinced you are retarded. Why am I even wasting my time with a mere AIDE? 

Ikedi Godson Ohakim May 25 at 2:23am  Report

We shall see who definitely laughs last: Dont say i didnt warn u


Dear beloved APROKO Aide: I hope you enjoy this 5mins of fame I have given you.  While you are at it, be rest assured that I am not one to be moved by threats..

My name is not Dele Giwa (R.I.P) . . . .God in heaven knows that anyone that tries to cut me off before my time will not rest…. Na so i go dey pursue una for dream. I will so torment you that you will beg for death.  I am making this public at my discretion. If you guys have been killing off people and getting away with it all this while,  My own SPIRIT na EXCLUSIVE.  

As Human Being, I dey HEARTLESS  not to talk of wetin i go turn to as a result of an untimely death. . . .go figure!

Keep drinking PANADOL for someone on his way to _______.  Your mates dey threaten face to face. . . . you sidon for Facebook dey do your own.   You are just a product of an IKIRIATIC DUNCE!

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