ALUU KILLINGS: Celebrities react to the gruesome killings of the “Uniport 4”.

Days after the gruesome killings of the four Uniport students in Aluu, their painful outcry as they were  being set ablaze rings louder than the cry of Abel. Indeed, the heart of man is desperately wicked.

Nigerian youths are outraged. Which way our fatherland?  The Boko Haram massacre, the menace of armed robbers,  the excessive activities of militants, the lackadaisical nature of our so called authorities,  ineptitude of policing to name a few…….where do we go from here?

In this exclusive with Joi John, celebrities react to the developing story out of   the Aluu community , Rivers State.


That whole unbelievable and unfortunate incident  just leaves me totally speechless. It is the height of man’s inhumanity to man. That such an exhibition of extreme barbarism can be perpetrated in broad day light, by Nigerians, to fellow Nigerians and to the viewing pleasure of by standing Nigerians, in 2012, is an indication that we still have a long way to go as a country.

We as individuals, as a collective, as a people, and as a nation must be ready to ask ourselves some HARD questions and commit to hearing the TRUE answers. Which way Nigeria?

The souls of the departed Aluu 4 will only rest in peace when justice is done. And justice will one be done when every conniving participant in that gruesome act is brought to book. – Chidi Mokeme




Maureen Ihua: It is the height of brutality and wickedness. The murderers should be executed. To imagine that people should there and watched their fellow human beings being tortured to death is shocking.

I dont’t know what this country is turning to. – Maureen Ihua



Joi, to say the least, I am mummified! Humbled by the obvious degeneration ofhumanity in Aluu in particular and Nigeria in general! The wider ramifications would reveeal many more levels of insensitivity. The act was deliberate, their deaths processed, supervised by every member of that community. The allegations were spurious.

The boys were obvious *celebrities* in the community and envied. Imagine the lust for blood, the excitement on the faces of the mob when the needed to satisfy their collective feeding frenzy like vampires. Only worse! Mothers inclusive! Imagine the depraved and painstaking posture of the video recorders who had the presence of mind to retrieve their phones and capture, as trophies, that barbaric act with steady hands. That to me suggests a practice entrenched amongst the people! Imagine the total disregard for human life.

I don’t…. can’t imagine , in my wildest stretch of creativity, what could be worse. I panic even more for the indoctrination of the young people of that community. Imagine such justification on the spur of the moment as tutorials for the impressionable youth!

It goes even wider than that as it indicts every representation of authority if that exists. I felt the pains of their parents. I shared the pains of the boys while they were humiliated, stripped naked and paraded around the community then burnt alive. It was piercing.  I am sad and broken.  – Keppy Ekpenyong Bassey



It is pathetic that in this present time, with the level of civilization on going in Africa, any group or persons would take away a life without justice or fair earing. I weep for my people!

I can’t say whether the boys are criminals or not, but their death would have been justified if and only if they were given a chance to investigated or had a fairing hearing in court.It is wicked to take a life that does not belong to you.

Those students were tortured to death. It was a painful death. I cried just seeing the video. I still wonder why they died in silent, never cried out or try explaining themselves. But killing them is an act that needs to be condemned totally. – Nkiru Sylvanus



It’s shockingly unbelievable that such a horrendous brutal murder can take place in broad day light  in this day and age. Where is the humanity and morality in us?

People had cell phones but instead of calling law enforcement agents, they were gloatingly recording the macabre spectacle from hell as if it was some happy festival.

All those involved in this usurpation of the law must be made to account for their actions or otherwise to demonstrate clearly that we live in a country governed by the rule of law. – Bob Manuel Udokwu




Honestly, this is barbaric! Why would anyone think of doing a thing like that? Taking laws into their hands and most appalling of them all; taking someone’s life…. Gosh!

Four of them died just like that over the flimsy excuse of recovering debt….

We all need to pray for that community to be sanitized. – Oge Okoye



It’s one of the saddest/sickest most barbaric things that has happened in Nigeria.

I have heard different versions of the story but i believe a proper investigation should be conducted and everybody involved should be purnished.

If that does not happen then, God help this nation called Nigeria. – Rugged Man




Questions for us all. In the year 2012, in this digital high tech information age, 4 young men…under graduates of Uniport were murdered in a community called ALUU, Rivers state!

Please who recorded the gory pictures and put on the web? Was there not one single person to alert the police? In this age of mobile telephony no one could call for help?

Yet someone used a phone to record the macabre incident? Where were the ‘supposedly’ stolen items? Where is the guy who raised the alarm on the boys? What did police do thereafter? So many questions unanswered? Let’s NOT let this matter go away! We demand Justice for the ALUU 4! Gov Amaechi the world is waiting and watching! – Uche Elendu Igweanyiba



Me  can’t shout ! – Timaya









My sister, water still dey comot from my eyes.  It’s not what we say that will change the course. I believe a law should be established and enforced publicly the way the gay law of 14 years is known to the general public.

Government should add to the constitution that anyone who mobs an individual or group of people in the name of armed robbery or whatever offense should be killed in the same manner. It should be put out there for everyone to know.

We can only talk. If the government doesn’t do  anything, nobody can. Those boys were someone’s cousin, brother, nephew, brother – in – law, uncle, father, boyfriend, and worst of all – child.  Jesus Christ of Nazareth! – Yvonne Jegede







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