An open letter to Dr. Kelechi Okpalake


Dear Dr. Okpalaeke,


I have been reading your write-ups  published on moderated by the assiduous Ms. Joi John, where you constantly criticize Governor Rochas Okorocha for doing this and not doing that. 

I respect your constitutional rights under freedom of expression to say whatever you like without the governor sending his security operatives to bundle you to the State House and strip you naked, flog you and kick the living day light out of you so as to understand the true meaning of ancient and modern.


I am sure you are grateful to that effect. I am also sure that you have not heard that Governor Rochas has disrobed a priest and assaulted him because the priest blocked his motorcade with his thought process that he owns the public highway. I hope you appreciate a governor with such a decorum that respects his subjects without wearing badges of abject arrogance of superiority and arrant nonsense of believing that his subjects are beneath him.

I want to let you know that your write-ups concerning Governor Rochas Okorocha contain no elements on how to move Imo State forward. Your write-ups contain no single machination to ameliorate the plights of Imolites. Simply, you have nothing to offer, but mere empty criticisms without an iota of solution. Your write-ups are filled with hot airs and “abrakaba and come and see American wonder.” Imolites expect a scholar like you to criticize, and then offer some solutions.

Personally, I don’t know who you are, but your write-ups depicted you as a looser and an angry man that has lost his sense of reasoning and dignity. Objective writing shows constructive criticisms and solutions to correctness. As a scholar, many academic communities expect more analytical writing from you than generic and disjointed write-ups as unbecoming of a scholar. Your write-ups are not up to standard for a man with a doctorate degree. Try to brush it off with some empirical data to compare and contrast.

Please make no mistake about this open letter to you, I am not against any criticism on Governor Rochas, but do so with a better solution so that the government of Imo State could emulate on your points in order to improve the living standards of Imolites. Your endless criticisms without solutions impugned your credibility. An objective writing calls a spade a spade, offers solutions and acknowledge goodness where necessary. You are writing as a political Hackman without substance that sees his political opponent as a waste of time. I am looking forward to reading more of your write-ups, and of course, with solutions to improve our dear Imo State, and with equation of a scholar. I am optimistic of reading an objective write-up from you soon.

Best wishes,

Mazi Henry Otulle Eke

Mazi Eke is the editor and publisher of Town Crier Newsletter, a bi-monthly newsletter serving Austin, Texas, and its environs.



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