Anambra’s daughter, Kate Anolue becomes Mayor of Enfield!!!


A daughter of Igbo heritage, Kate Anolue has been named Mayor of Enfield in far away United Kingdom.  She is an indigene of Nanka in Anambra State. At the ceremony, she said she was  “thrilled” to be a role model for women in her village.

According to the Enfield Independent,



Councillor Kate Anolue was officially unveiled as the borough’s new mayor at a ceremony at the Civic Centre last night, taking over from Councillor Christiana During, who has been in the role for the last year.


It marks the pinnacle of a long journey for the former midwife from her home town in Nanka, Anambra State, Nigeria, to the borough’s top ceremonial job, and friends and relatives wore traditional dress to watch her be made Mayor.

She followed her father’s desire for her to become a nurse and moved to Edmonton more than 20 years ago, starting her training in May 1972, eventually qualifying as a midwife.


She says she has delivered thousands of babies since becoming a midwifery sister at North Middlesex Hospital in 1984, and wants to be a role model for women in her village.


She was made a chieftain of the village in recognition of her achievements in Enfield.

She said: “In my village people recognise that I am doing something worthwhile. It is a very real honour and I’m thrilled. I am so proud of this.”

She becomes the second black female Mayor of Enfield, following Cllr During who was the first when she assumed the role.


The position of Mayor is a mostly ceremonial position that holds little power – but it is seen as a ceremonial distinction on a serving councillor that is respected by all parties.


For the next year, Cllr Anolue will devote most of her time to civic functions and will preside over full council meetings, as well as acting as the returning officer at elections.


During her mayoral year, she says she wants to raise money for children’s charities and for young people.


She said: “I have spent all this time delivering babies – I need to know that someone is looking after them.


“It is a big responsibility. It is a dignified and honourable thing to do – and I can do it.”


She will raise money for the E18HTEEN project which supports teenagers between 16-19 in Enfield, Barnet and Haringey who are about to leave care. The project helps them to lead independent lives.



IMO STATE BLOG congratulates Councellor Kate Anolue on her Mayoral appointment. Odiro easy!!

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