Behold the Kidnapping specialist, Emenike Toogu!

This  idiot of a Kidnapper called Emenike Toogu, was arrested back in September along with his patner by the  Operation Rescue Imo team. He hails from Abia state.

  We finally get to see a clearer picture of the boffoon that terrorized many families. Thanks to the anonymous citizen who sent in the photo.

  According to the statement he gave when apprehended,  his “team”   had a warehouse there they kept their victims. Bidding price for the ransom started at N100m.  See the mouth he used in demanding 100 Million..

Interestingly,  these kidnapping specialists are recruited from neighbouring states and  housed by their godfathers here. Some of these god-fathers are highly respected people in our society.

We heard about the so called traditional ruler from Aboh Mbaise LGA, Eze Cosmas Onyeneke  who was suspended for alleged kidnapping activities. It was reported that “Onye Eze” converted his “palace” into a hideout for kidnappers. A whole royal father for that matter……(Shaking my head again)

Anyway, ihe foro otu agwula agwu; gradually they shall be fished out.

  Kudos once more to the Operation Rescue Imo team.

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