As the long awaited new school uniforms for Imo students arrive….

The long awaited free school uniforms of the Okorocha Administraion for public schools in the state seem to have started arriving from abroad. I want to commend the governor for spending public fund to procure the uniforms. This is the first of its kind since the creation of Imo State in 1976. Also it is a promise fulfilled because when the governor made that promise sometime ago, people thought that it was like a promise made to a woman during an intercourse.

I have seen few students wearing the said uniforms. For now, they are all students from some secondary schools in Owerri town. It is made up of sky blue top and dark blue trousers and skirts. I have not seen shorts. The top wear has a badge and a long tie that has the same dark blue colour. The uniforms look like something that was well sewn as those who wear them appear smart in them. To God be the glory.

However, some people are saying that in this era of high unemployment rate in the state, that it would have been more beneficial giving the contract of producing the uniforms to our people so as to help them financially rather than importing the uniforms from abroad. This is because we know that we have good tailors in the country who produce wears that are even exported abroad. Nevertheless, I do not know why the Governor preferred to import the uniforms. But what I know is that the end will justify the means. We must also thank God that the uniforms landed safely without sinking into the ocean en route to Imo State.

Still on the new school uniforms, the colour of the uniforms we have seen so far being worn by some secondary school students in public schools in the state have the same colour. Even the badges on the breast pockets of the uniforms are the same. I hope this will not bring identification problems in cases where students from particular schools commit crimes, misconduct or are involved in mishaps etc. I believe government must have thought out this policy of having one colour of uniform for virtually all government schools in the state. I cannot condemn the policy for now until I get explanations on the above puzzle from government. Until then, let us continue to wear the uniforms.

 Written by Emperor Iwuala



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