AUDIO: Finance Minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala dodges Fuel Subsidy debate. Suddenly goes deaf on Journalist!!! LWKMD!!

So, Sahara Reporters had called the Honourable Minister of Finance to invite her to a debate on the Fuel Subsidy. Immediately they introduced themselves to her,  our mummy suddenly went deaf! LWKMD.


Preview Transcript:

SAHARA REPORTERS: “Hello Minister, this is Omoyele Sowore calling from Sahara Reporters, can you hear me?”

MADAM OKONJO: “No. I can’t hear you… Hello??? This person has been calling and calling… Hello??? “ CLICK!!

They called back again…

Hello Minister, this is Sahara Reporters calling….

MADAM OKONJO: Hellooooooooooooo. Ah! Something seems to be wrong with this line. I can’t hear a thing…

SAHARA REPORTERS: I don’t think anything is wrong with your line…..

MADAM OKONJO: Hellooooooooooooooooo. CLICK!!


Laff wan carry me reach Akabo!!! You can listen to the conversation with your ears abeg.


 How can a whole Magna cum laude graduating product of Harvard University dismiss the Press an  unrefined manner?  Is that how Mummy Okonjo would have answered Journalists if they called her office at the World Bank?


How can our Mummy get to Nigeria and throw “Finese” and “Media” diplomacy” out of the window? –  “Can you hear me?” “No I can’t hear you”  LOOOL!! Odikwa egwu!

Naija journalists have really suffered.

Come to think of it sef, why in heavens name do most leaders in government shy away from the Press?


The press is your friend, when we call you to get clarification, we are giving you an opportunity to exonerate yourself / provide the public with a different side to whatever  is being speculated. Shying away from Press inquiries or dodging questions only sets you up  for more damage.  Mummy Okonjo should have known that!! You can’t spend all those years in obodo oyibo and not know how to respond to the Media even when your lips have been sealed by the President. Hearing her in the audio clip below just weakens me. I no fit shout!





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