Biko nu, Who and Who booed Governor Okorocha today at the Secretariat?

Hmm. I was minding my business today when an Imolite reached out to me via messenger.  Her first line was … “Your Uncle was booed today at the Secretariat“.   “Uncle” ofcourse being Governor Rochas Okorocha. LWKMD. You people should  free me abeg!


Anyway, so back to the gist. She goes to spill details of the Governor’s ordeal in the hands of unhappy civil servants at the Secretariat today. Not sure how many of you read the last Press Release from the Government House where Gov.Okorocha explained the need to redeploy workers to the rural areas.  It was at that meeting that all hell broke loose.  The whole place erupted in loud booing. Infact, it was similar to the booing Abia State Governor T.A Orji received in Aba not too long ago.

In her own words :

“The  (edited) man said he wants to downsize ministries. That each ministry should have just 100 staff. Government House 100 and very big ministries maybe 200….. so he went there to address them and he was booed close to tears.  My husband was there live. He said shame leave Rochas catch am. 


She continued….


That news made my day 🙂 ! Atleast, his mesmerizing jazz don dey wear off. Nne m, I no fit happy. No sympathy for him.  They said he couldn’t even address them again because the booing was “one in town“. He left there and went and cancelled all other appointments. Went straight to the airport and off to Abuja. 

Then she ends the transmission with….

“Onwebeghi ihe ohuru! Ubua ka wu ututu ya! 

umu nne m, but why?

What did nna anyi ukwu do to deserve this sort of embarrassment? Is that how we are going to treat a Governor who for starters, has promised to give our children FREE EDUCATION to University level? Look around you and see how the whole place has changed under his Administration. Is it not convincing enough that he means well?




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