BOKO ABRACADABRA!!! How did the Madalla bomb blast suspect escape from custody?

  It was just a few days ago  we learnt that  the Christmas Day bomb blast suspect had been taken into custody from the Borno State Governor’s lodge in Asokoro. Nwa nze was on his way to London.  According to news reports, he had called the permanent secretary of the Borno State Liaison Office in Abuja, saying he was scheduled to catch a British Airways flight back to the UK the following day and requested to spend a night at the Governor’s Lodge in Abuja. The Perm sec obliged him. At the time of his arrest,  he was in the company of an Airforce officer and some other person.  Today, we woke up to hear some cork and bull story on how the dude escaped while being transported  the Police  .

 Daily Trust tells us:

“…. A witness said trouble started in the area when policemen from Abuja city brought Kabiru Sokoto in a Toyota Hilux van. A gang of youths flagged down the vehicle as it was heading for the Ona of Abaji’s Palace, creating a chaos during which the suspect escaped.

The police had earlier taken the suspect to a house he owned at Abaji to conduct search and were on their way to the traditional head’s palace when the youths saw him in handcuffs and then blocked the road, the witness said.

Kabiru seized the opportunity created by the youths and escaped. Meanwhile, the police fired shots in the air to disperse the youths.

When President Jonathan came out to say that BOKO HARAM patrons had infiltrated his Government, we thought he was joking. Can somebody please step forward to convince the world that the Borno State Government has nothing to do with this dude?

This is the same Government that coughed out N100 million naira to the family of the  Boko Haram leader that was killed in 2009. How the Attorney General of the Federation allowed the Borno Courts to get away with such judgement , only God knows.


A whole bomb suspect is caught and  manages to  escape just like that? How is that possible? Mba nu! Doesn’t make any sense at all. Now, they are singing another song in the news that the suspect was after Gov.Shettima. LWKMD.  Some people must think Nigerians are just buffoons.

We are not pointing any fingers or calling any names. All we are asking is for the Police IG Hafiz Ringim and  Borno state Governor, Alhaji  Kashim Shettima to work together and help us bring the suspect to book. Shikena!

Let justice take its course.

International Crime Court, kindly take note.



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