BOMBSHELL! Ohakim’s Commissioner for Information, Dr.Kelechi Okpalake responds to Commissioner Offor.

Former Commissioner for Information & Strategy in the Ohakim Administration, Dr.Kelechi Okpalake has stepped forward to refute claims contained in a recent statement by the present Commissioner for Information & Strategy, Mr.Chinedu Offor.

The statement was an official rejoinder to a publication alleging a plot by the State Government  to dissolve the tenure of reinstated LG chairmen.



“Here are the facts of the case as can be verified from Court records, ALGON officials,  PDP officials and the Imo State Electoral Commission (ISEC) that made preparation for the Local Government poll under Ohakim.

The said election under which the Chairmen claim their mandate had two court injunctions against it which was ignored by Ohakim and has never been vacated.The PDP under Dr.Nwodo did not recognize the poll having asked Ohakim not to hold the election, so in the eyes of the law, no Local Government election took place.

The Local Government became a pipe where billions of Naira meant for projects to uplift the rural poor were stolen with encouragement of the then Imo State Government House. Local Government funds became private funds for certain individuals who used it to purchase hotels in South Africa, the United Kingdom and mansions in Abuja and Lagos.

Officials who came into government as church rats with no pedigree became overnight billionaires. Imo also became the private fiefdom of Ohakim where no dissenting voices were tolerated, including Reverend Fathers and women who were brutally whipped for obstructing the convoy of Ohakim. Traditional rulers fled their domains, dreading the midnight visit of the “Government House Gestapo”.

You can read the rest of the rejoinder HERE.


Meanwhile, in defense of the Ohakim Administration, Dr.Kelechi Okpalake issued the following response to our blog post.


A Commissioner is a head of a highly professional part of any government, the ministries. The professionals in every government are its Civil servants. Therefore as a Commissioner , you a the head of a Ministry and should not engage in falsehoods less you bring disrepute to the ministry you head.


Honourable Chinedu Offor has made several accusations without a scintilla of evidence to back it. IMO Catholics are now aware that the Father Eutace Okorocha saga was an outright lie because the Reverend Father had never been in the same enclosure with Ohakim. But, the Commissioner felt the need to raise this lie only to cover the incompetence plaguing his administration hoping that he could divert the attention of our people with lies and insults. It will not work again because IMO people are now on to your antics.


I must however excuse the Commissioner for exposing his ignorance of the law because he is not a lawyer. Because if he was a lawyer, he would have known the differences between an ordinary judgment and a declaratory judgment. But this calls attention to the incompetence in this administration which I alluded to earlier. A well run administration would have had the Commissioner for information thoroughly briefed by the Attorney General before exposing the ignorance of the entire IMO government in print on a national newspaper.


For the purposes of a crash legal education for the Commissioner, a declaratory judgment must be enforced while appeal is ongoing and not subject to a stay while appealing.


Finally the Commissioner avers that the Local Government boil lions were looted by members of the last administration. Please, good people of IMO state ask the Honourable Commissioner how much was his own share of the loot since he was a member of the previous administration as a board member of IBC.


Does even his current boss know that he brought a proposal to me while I was the Commissioner for Information for an Internet campaign geared on destroying his current boss. I refused to honour  his request because as a Commissioner for Information , a dignified head of a professional civil service ministry , it was not the duty of that office to pander rumors and propaganda. I directed him to the Office of the Special adviser on Media and Enlightenment. I still have a copy of his proposal and will make it available if he continues to abuse his office by pandering rumors and falsehoods.



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