Can the Judiciary really STOP Corruption in Nigeria?


QUESTION: Can the Judiciary really STOP corruption in Nigeria? How is that possible, please? The same Judiciary where 99.5 % of the Ma_________ and Ju______ are known to be corrupt themselves?

   How can they stop corruption and compromise their pocket?  In Countries like America,  corruption can also be found in high places but in Nigeria, our own is worse.

 Is it not shameful that Nigeria operates a Judiciary system were the Money in your pocket determines the outcome of your case in Court? After filing a case in Court, the next session is heard in the living room of the Judge presiding over the case. …… the ruling is also determined in the comfort of his living room with the formalities done in the Court building.

Honourable  Judges, Magistrates et all……. before you people start looking for how to rope me in…… let it be on record that , Joi John is not insulting your exalted  office / highly esteemed profession . She is only challenging the Nigerian Judiciary system to be transparent and fair!!

Once more , my dear Distinguished Judges, if the Devil has gotten the best part of your Integrity, please desist from your corrupt ways. Give me an opportunity to eat my words and I promise to sing your praises to the highest mountains.

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