Capital Punishment Law for kidnappers in Imo State will now be adopted – Deputy Governor, Jude Agbaso

So, in the recent briefing with Journalists at the Government House, Deputy Governor, Sir. Jude Agbaso weighed in on the issue of Kidnapping. In his words:


“After a critical look at the security situation in Imo State, Council resolved to adopt the capital punishment as passed into law for kidnappers in the state.”


Long overdue! This law was passed under Chief Ikedi Ohakim’s Administration. Good to know that the State Government is now prepared to put it into action.


Sometime in March, it was reported that Police had arrested   six suspected kidnappers, including a native doctor, who allegedly prepared charms for them. LWKMD.  The PolicePublic Relations Officer (PPRO) , Mr Samuel Oddee confirmed their arrest and also disclosed that the boys were part of two different gangs….. Whatever happened to the notorious Emenike Toogu  who was apprehended in November last year ? I also recall that there was a public parade of over 20+ ladies and gentlemen of the kidnapping society at the Operation Rescue Imo launch. I saw them with my eyes koro-koro… How far with them? Have they been exonerated and released or still waiting to be tried in Court? We can start by using them as examples  so that others will learn.

On the other hand, some of us are quick to blame the authorities when issues of criminal activities are brought up.  We the citizens too are to blame!! When your brother who has no job shows up with a Hummer or new machine… starts building a house and throwing money around anyhow, is that not a sign that na ogbuola ozu na high sea? In most cases, his hands are soaked with the blood of a kidnapped victim.  Yet, instead of us to report the suspicious development, we will turn around and blame the authorities when a case of kidnap is reported. We need to start looking inwards!! In most countries, when someone witnesses a crime, they carry out their phones and start recording video footages. They also try to snap as many pictures as possible to help law enforcement solve the crime . There have been many incidents carried out in broad day light in the presence of people but you find out that people would rather remove their face and take cover. How then can we combat crime successfully?

Just my humble thoughts on this issue. No offence intended . Biko lekwam ikpom shoe!





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